Yoga: The Meaning

Yoga, the wisdom gathered from the ancient sages of India has gained utmost importance in the modern world of stress and competition. Many people nurture a misconception that yoga means merely physical exercises. It is not true. The word yoga means ‘union’- ‘union with God’. Yoga is not merely a science-it is a way of living uniting the mind, body and the soul. The tranquility, serenity and peace of mind that one experiences after stepping into the path of yoga are too divine and subtle to be expressed in words. It gives one the anchor to sail in the tumultuous sea of life’s tormenting experiences. It provides to its followers the right orientation to succeed in life. After practicing yoga, our outlook of life changes which brings about change in our relationships with others for the better. From the jewels healing garden, the meaning of the yoga will be delivered for the person. After practicing the yoga, there will be complete information to get the desired results. The relationship should be great in the mind and heart of the person.

Meditation and body postures are only one method of the science of yoga. Exercises come under a specific category of yoga named ‘Rajayoga’. The different types of yoga and how to reap their results are mentioned in the sacred book of Hindus ‘The Bhagavad Gita’. The four types of yoga are namely raja yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, and jnana yoga. The ultimate goal of all these methods is the same i.e., union with the ultimate source-the the omnipotent, omniscient god. One following of these four methods is definitely on the path of self-realization. We are aware of the fact that self-realization is the main objective if all the religions in the world. When one realizes one’s self, then all the worries, mysteries, and queries of this mundane world are wiped away from our mind. A sense of calmness of the wide sea fills our inner world. Life suddenly begins to smile at us. We begin to discover the so far unexplored beauty of life. A smile symbolizing the beauty of our soul will linger in our face forever. The positive energy that we spread across our family; friends and colleagues will be a welcome change.

Now let us have a glance into the most popular method of yoga – raja yoga. It can be practiced only in the presence of a well-experienced guru (teacher). If one learns this method from books than from a guru, it will be dangerous and will not give the desired results. Only an authentic guru can guide a seeker in his quest for truth and direct him in his meditations

Bhakti yoga is another method of yoga that helps to bring the universal consciousness into our limited consciousness. Here no rigorous methods of training as in raja yoga are practiced. It is the yoga of the heart and the yoga of the common man. Everyone agrees that faith in God is the one factor that helps to sustain life even when all our dreams and desires are shattered. In the depth of the heart of the devotees, faith in God will always remain when everything is lost. In bhakti-yoga devotion and love of God are given importance. It is the path through which one reaches the pinnacle of self-realization. Here devotion does not arise out of fear of God but out of pure, clear love, which is entirely divine. The devotee cannot live a single moment without remembering god. Even during his busy earthly work, the devotee is not away from god. To him, even a single moment of separation from God will be the most feared thing in life. There may arise different relationships between God and the devotee. Sometimes the devotee sees god as his best friend and even quarrels with him. Some devotee treats god as his child and gave him all parental love and care. At other times he sees his beloved in god. God loves all the various activities of the devotee. This method of yoga is recommended for emotionally oriented people. The devotee remembers God each and every moment of his life and finally, god reveal the eternal truth to his genuine devotee.

The other two methods of yoga are jnana yoga and karma yoga. In jnana yoga, one tries to be one with Paramatma by gaining eternal wisdom. Jnana yoga is recommended for intellectuals. In karma yoga, one does his karma (duty) without desiring the results. It will help the seeker attain self-realization.

One should be a genuine seeker to attain success in the path of yoga. Moreover, one should be true to one’s self. If one dares to take a journey through this age-old wisdom, then the mysteries of the universe will unravel before us.

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