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Who Turned All The Lights Out

You know how it goes, it’s probably happened to everyone at some time in their life. It’s a late winters night, you’re watching a bit of telly with one eye while surfing the web with the other. The oven is on, cooking some late night pizza and the heating is on full keeping everyone nice and toasty. Then, all of a sudden, the lights go out, telly goes off, internet is down, cooker goes off and you’re already starting to feel a little bit cold. Yes, you’ve had a power cut. Now, if only you could see anything, you might be able to find a torch or some candles.

The scenario described above happens to somebody somewhere every day. Usually, it’s no big deal as it’s just a case of flicking the trip switch and hey presto, you have played god and shed light back into the house. But what if it’s more serious than that? What if there’s a serious cable fault on the main power network? What if the latest hurricane has wreaked havoc to your town or city? You could be without power for a very long time. This can not only affect the warmth and comfort inside your home, it could also cause some nasty unforeseen problems.

So, I’m a Bit Cold, What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Think what potential damage can occur to your home if there was power outage for any considerable time. You should be thinking about scenarios such as when there’s heavy rain. Your basement is under constant protection of flooding via your sump pump. What happens when you lose power to your house? You guessed it, your sump pump stops working and your basement is now under severe risk of flooding. This could cause a lot more inconvenience than having to eat a cold pizza.

Or another situation could be when the temperature outside is below freezing. Not only are you unable to heat your home, which again is a minor inconvenience compared to the fact that the water in your pipes is already starting to freeze unless of course, you have speed of thought to quickly empty your pipes before they burst as soon as you lose power (not the first thought that comes to mind when you last had a power cut, right?)

Ok, I’m Convinced, What Can I Do To Avoid this?

Fortunately, there is a simple step you can take to mitigate your stress levels when this happens to you. Get yourself a backup generator. Hopefully, you’ll never need it (unless you take it camping with you) but having it tucked away in the garage will give you the peace of mind that if you ever need emergency power, you’ve got it.

There are two main types of backup generators. One is powered by natural gas or LP gas, the other is powered by gasoline. Although the natural gas generators are perfect, they come with a very high price tag, some cost up to $20,000. So for most households, this type of generator is just not practical. The gasoline generators, on the other hand, come in at a much more affordable price and are the recommended way to go for most home owners.

If you’re going to buy a generator that needs to power all of your household appliances, you need to be looking at one that is at least 3000 watts. At the other end of the scale, anything above 6500 watts is probably a bit too much. Obviously, this entirely depends on the size of your house and what kind of appliances you have within but 3000-65000 watts is about right for the average family house.

Gasoline generators can be used ‘standalone’ and have extension cables running straight from them to your appliances. But if you want to be really smart and organized you can set up your generator to use a transfer switch. This is a small device that is installed next to your main electric panel. You can run multiple circuits from it which powers individual appliances like for example, the sump pump, light switches, fridge etc…… . So in the event of a power outage, smarty pants can just flick his transfer switch and get all his power to his appliances back instantly. Whereas unsmarty pants will be getting himself tangled up in extension cables!

The above writing is not to indicate any expertise that the writer possesses regarding electricity but just a few pointers that would help people in understanding what exactly it means because if you want to hire the best in the business, Charleston electric company is just one name that immediately comes to mind but there are some important aspects that other services also possess that need to be thoroughly researched before hiring them for the job.

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