What To Expect Rhinoplasty

. William Portnoy and his staff are committed to providing you with the finest possible medical services. Dr. Portnoy personally performs all surgical rhinoplasty procedures and provides your postoperative care along with the support of a highly trained medical staff available throughout your recovery.

When you meet with Board Certified Dr. William Portnoy for the first time, he will take a thorough medical history and carefully listen to your complaints. He will gather information in order to perform a complete nasal assessment. Dr. Portnoy will ask you if you’ve ever had any injuries resulting in an undesirable change in your nose. He will inquire if you suffer with breathing difficulties, perhaps related to allergies or other illnesses. Dr. Portnoy will examine the structure of your nose, both internally and externally, to assess any abnormalities and help determine what surgical procedure is indicated to affect these corrections. He will question what you like or dislike about your nose and carefully analyze your face to determine proper proportions.

After assessing your nose, Dr. Portnoy will ask you about your expectations and explain to you the various surgical options and what realistically can and cannot be achieved. He will also discuss factors that may influence the outcome of the surgery, such as skin type, ethnic background, age, degree of deformity, and the extent of the dysfunction of the nasal structures.

Also during your initial rhinoplasty consultation digital photographs may be taken to assist in the analysis. Sophisticated digital “morphing” software is available to aid in this assessment and guide the surgical decision making process. Should you desire, he will share with you his extensive library of “before” and “after” rhinoplasty photographs of previous patients. Just like Nose Job Vancouver Surgery experts offers to their clients, Dr. Portnoy is one of the trusted cosmetic surgeons in the industry.

For those with breathing problems or previous injuries, a more thorough internal nasal examination will be performed to help Dr. Portnoy find any obstructions or anatomical abnormalities inside the nose. The doctor may use a small fiber-optic video camera to evaluate the anatomical nuances inside the nose. This information will help the doctor better advise you of any corrective procedures that may be required.

Prior to Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Portnoy will explain the specific surgical techniques and anesthesia to be used during your surgery. Furthermore the risks, benefits, limitations and other options available to you will be reviewed. His staff will assist you in determining where and when the rhinoplasty surgery will be performed as well as the cost involved. Most insurance policies don’t cover purely cosmetic surgery; however, if the procedure is performed for reconstructive or purely for functional purposes, such as to correct a breathing problem or a deformity, the procedure may be covered. Dr. Portnoy’s highly experienced office administrator will assist you in completing the paperwork and identifying whether your insurance will cover the procedure.

The Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon’s and staff will give you specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications. Carefully following these instructions will help your surgery go more smoothly.

Before you can make an informed decision to have surgery, you must feel comfortable and confident with your rhinoplasty surgeon. If you and the doctor agree that surgery will benefit you, you can begin to plan for the rhinoplasty operation.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about rhinoplasty or if you would like to make a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Portnoy, simply contact his Manhattan, New York office to schedule an appointment or fill out the eForm on the contact us page.

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