What are the Tips and Tricks for Halo 2’s Team SWAT

Team SWAT on Halo 2 is by far, my favorite. Although I am not a SWAT master and I have come across people who were amazingly better than me, I get a lot of comments on how good I am. On average, I rake in at least 23 kills or more. Quick reflexes play a big part on my game play, but there are some tips I would like to share with all of you. Team SWAT is one of the hardest games to perfect. It gets very frustrating when you are trying to run around, aim, and shoot as fast as possible at the enemy. Here are some tips to help you become a great Team SWAT player.

Always aim high – Whether you are playing Team SWAT or Team Slayer, always keep your aim high. Train yourself to go for the head first. In Slayer, it only takes three shots to the head with a battle rifle. Find yourself a battle rifle and have a go.

Grab a buddy – Create a closed customer game that is set up to play like Team SWAT. Have your buddy stand still while you run around him jumping, crouching, etc. Try keeping your aim on his head. Once you get good at that, have him jump around with you.

Don’t stand still! – This is a must in Team SWAT. Standing still for two seconds can mean instant death. When you see an enemy, jump around like a kangaroo. Not just up and down but back and forth. This will make you a harder target. With good aim all that practice under your belt, you should be able to take him out before he takes you.

Learn your path – In the midst of bullets flying past your head, you may need a quick escape route. You don’t want to make a quick jump to suicideville. Learning all the maps and shortcuts will take some time but in the end it will not only make you a great escape artist in SWAT but also in every Halo 2 Live game you play.

Three guns, three techniques – In Team SWAT there are three guns you will have to learn to perfect. The most common battle rifle, the most hated carbine, and lastly the magnum. Every gun is used slightly different from the other. The battle rifle is the easiest gun to perfect. With a quick click of the right thumb-stick you can zoom in to get a better shot from enemies at a distance. Aim directly for the head with this gun. The carbines are a bit trickier than the battle rifle. If an enemy is up close, a simple two shot to the head should do the trick. Unfortunately, this gun doesn’t work well from a distance. You will find your self shooting like mad only to see he still isn’t dead! Aim a little higher than you would with the battle rifle and that should do the trick. This gun does have a great zoom but aiming is still a pain. The magnums are the hardest to perfect. Once you spawn, find yourself a second magnum. Double magnums almost always beat out a single magnum. Aim a little higher than you would with the battle rifle. This gun does not have a zoom so distance kills are a pain in the tushy. Strafe as much as possible and when you get closer, fire away. Shooting from a distance is okay, but remember not to unload both clips BEFORE you reach the enemy.

Reload when safe – If you know the coast is clear or you’re hiding behind a wall; reload, even if you have only used two shots. I can’t tell you how much I reload during one game. You never know if you turn that corner and there are three guys coming towards you. If there is any problem in the loading, then the game can be reloaded through the ๋จนํŠ€ verification websites.

Watch other players – When you watch enemies or teammates, watch where they go at the start of the game. See if they go to a good vantage point to rack up the kills. A lot of the time, people will go to the same areas over and over again. This is a big no-no.

When you score a kill, RUN! – When your teammates die you see a red X on your screen letting you know, “Hey there is enemies up here!” Same goes for the other team. When you kill an enemy, leave the area. More than likely the enemy will come running to the red X to sneak up behind you for a quick and easy kill. Collect the fallen enemy’s ammo and get out of there. Sometimes you will see enemies scuffling over to the dead comrade.

Practice, practice, practice! – I can’t stress this enough. The only way you will learn the techniques of Team SWAT is to practice. Use these tips and master them.

Overall, have fun and practice! Team SWAT can get frustrating especially if you are new to it. Team SWAT is unranked so you will come across players who are unbelievably good, or worse than you would ever believe. Good luck!

If you would like to team up for a SWAT match, send me your gamertag!

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