Want to train your Dog? 4 stepsfor training them right

Dogs bring home is happiness and provide you an exciting experience of having and training them. Having a dog is real fun, but training dogs to behave in well-manner requires a lot of patience and effort. A well-training dog will even provide you more joy than before. You need to begin by establishing a good relationship with your dog and then by teaching him all the commands that are important in your and his life.

What steps are to be followed for training dogs?

Prepare yourself for the dog’s responsibility

It is crucial to prepare yourself and your family for the responsibility of a dog. You can divide the duties for training the dog as this will make a good bond with every member of the family. Set the rules for training the dog as a discipline is key.

Explain rules to your dog

The very first-day dog arrives, you need to give him all the clear rules that you want him to follow. Be patient as it’s his first day, don’t panic or get angry if your dog doesn’t follow. Explain him rules accurately and trust and wait for him to follow. Explain him to pee and potty in dog potty pads only.

Find the right reward

You won’t believe it, but yes, dogs love rewards. Some love food, and some love toys as their rewards. Feed your dog in small portions as a large portion of treat will make him unhealthy. Dogs that love toys must be rewarded ball or any other small toy by which your dog can play.

Keep training sessions short

Try to make the training sessions small and full of new and fun things. If your dog is distracted or not interested, then end the session and cheer him up.

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