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Vintage Gifts For The Coffee Lover

I was originally going to write about inexpensive gifts for coffee lovers, but after poking online for awhile I realized there is a world of maybe not so cheap, but great stuff any coffee lover would like to have. The best single serve coffee maker 2020 may be a good deal because of the modern features but vintage gifts are still classic and elegant.

The Gott thermos if you can find one is a great example. These older stain steel thermoses keep coffee hot or other beverages cold for up to 48 hours. The Gott is a sleek stainless steel bullet shaped vacuum thermos. It is thin and tall, but will fit in most brief cases.

A real vintage Gott will have the Gott logo etched a few millimeters under the lid. These have been out of production for some years. I had better luck locating Gott Stainless Steel Thermos under used camping gear listing on various sites on the internet. I am not sure what a fair price is for this item they are rare. I would think estate sales might be the best place to find one.

Another great gift for a coffee lover would be a Ruby Thumbprint Creamer. They were offered as souvenirs and people had their names etched into the ruby section of the creamer to prove they were at the world’s fair.

Ruby Thumbprint Creamers were also offered as souvenirs at places like Niagara Falls. There is no reason not to go in search of one, you can still pour real coffee cream from them and they make a great conversation piece. You can find some depending how rare of souvenir they are at prices ranging from about $40.00 to $75.00. Beware of reproductions as a collectibles Ruby Thumbprint Creamers are on the lower price end anyway; so you want the real thing.

Another great gift idea is a real antique or reproduction antique coffee grinder. Most antique grinders are made from cast iron and can be used on countertops. There is a grinder called the Parker Nation Grinder that has been around since 1905 and offer a bronze version of a traditional coffee grinder or mil.

There are also antique and reproductions of European wall mounted or porcelain coffee mills. These many times have scenes of men, women, or even birds on them. Depending on your kitchens décor a European reproduction coffee mill, might be the thing. Antique European coffee mills are very expensive and are best left to the serious collector.

Different types of early American coffee mills include wall mounted grinders made from cast iron. Some have a glass hopper mounted above the grinder. Most antique coffee grinders are made from cast iron and placed on kitchen countertops. The Parker Nation grinder is one of its manufacturers since 1905, offering bronze features of traditional coffee mills.

There are different versions that became all-time favorites Arcade models having a clear glass canister and something called a Queen model has jars with embossed writing. Do your research. Most of the more popular antique coffee mills are available in reproductions and can really be used to grind coffee. Most recommend antique burr grinders because they crush the bean to a more consistent size and most have ways to control the texture of the grind.

So do your research and buy the coffee lover in your life a vintage coffee accessory that they will use daily with their cup of Joe. They will really appreciate your vintage gift daily.

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