Tween Girls Christmas Gift Guide: Online Gaming

There are many online gaming options available today which make great Christmas gifts for the tween girl in your life. There are some you may be familiar with and some you may not have known existed. If you are looking into giving an online gaming gift to your tween girl this Christmas I have set up a guide to help. You should check out bandar ceme online for more online games. You get a variety of games that you can enjoy with your friends and family. It is really fun and the games works seamlessly.


Webkinz is perhaps one of the most popular online gaming website known today. You purchase a furry little stuffed animal with a special code tag used for creating an account online. There are many different types of stuffed animals to choose from such as the goldfish or a pug which allows you to purchase your child’s favorite animal for web play. Each code tag gives your child one year of access to the Webkinz online community which means you will have to buy a new animal with code every year to keep your tween girl’s account active. There are many different games available on the Webkinz website such as Cash Cow and Triple Solitaire. Other activities include designing your pet’s room, feeding them, attending school, and more. If you have a tight budget you may look into purchasing a Lil’ Kinz rather than a full sized Webkinz animal.


Funkeys is another online gaming toy that would be perfect to give as a Christmas gift for the tween girl in your life. Funkeys is played by connecting one of the Funkeys character to the computer using a USB HUB. Connecting a character allows you to play as that character on the online community. The more Funkeys you buy the larger the play area grows. Funkeys are not very expensive, the starter pack typically retails for around $20 and expansion packs are even cheaper. Tween girls who love to collect smaller objects may find collecting these Funkeys as fun as playing them online.


Toontown is a Disney creation allowing kids the chance to play together online to defeat the evil “bots”. Tween girls can receive a gift card for Christmas that will allow them to play for a set amount of time. Toontown lets your tween girl customize her own character, name it, and then play as the character in the various districts. In Toontown characters can fight together, or alone, on the streets and in buildings defeating the evil bots and gaining new “weapons” (such as pies, squirt guns, anchors) and more health points. The cost to play Toontown is $9.95/month but you may receive a discount for pre-paying for a longer period of time, such as purchasing a gift card. Last I checked these gift cards can be purchased at your local Target or Best Buy store, as well as other department and electronic stores in your area.

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