Top 5 Suzuki Motorcycles

Everyone loves those warm summer days. Those days where you can just cruise around enjoying the cool Summer breeze against your face with your Bell motorcycle helmets. You love those days and never want them to come to an end.

Did you ever think how nice it would be experiencing all that fun on the back of your brand-new Suzuki bike? Well below are just 5 of the hottest Suzuki bike brands to hit the market today. You’ll find helpful reviews and where you can get these nice vehicles for your riding enjoyment.

First, let us start off with the SV650. new to the Suzuki bike line-up of 2010, this baby will keep your riding all Summer long. This V-Twin powered bike will keep your riding up to full potential, with smooth handling and of course ever so beautiful sound. It is to be noticed with the SV 650S, which is very similar to this bike only this one offers a few more unique features. One of the highlighted descriptions has got to be the posture. This bike is meant to help you sit more comfortably and correctly as well. it promotes a better posture and keeps the stress off of your back when riding. It has got some nice horsepower and beautiful sounding pistons that fire the noise right out of your fuel-injected engine. A true riding experience for any Suzuki fan out there today and a must-have for Summer 2010.

Next, we switch gears to the new B-King. This brand-new bike runs you about $13,00 for a fresh-off-the-line model. The “King” title helps you understand that this bike is bad, and means straight business wherever you go. It is a more aggressive ride to it and keeps your on the edge the whole time. It handles like no other, with an acceleration rate that is almost unheard of for most bikes around. You can’t go wrong with the Twin exhaust as well. This bike is meant for the looking and it is very sleek, yet power is its specialty. The style is beyond any bike, and if you’re looking to ride out with class, this is the bike for you.

Third, we catch hold of the Bandit 1250S. This bike is meant for those with a party of two. It is a great date bike and can be used for those just looking to enjoy a nice ride at a decent price. At most Suzuki retailers you will find this bike for under $9,000 or maybe slightly above. It is a nice four-cylinder with the RPM to show for. It is aggressive in the sense that it does bring style to the road. It is mostly meant for smooth handling rides. it has some power, but nothing mind-blowing, and that is probably alright if you are just looking for a smooth ride. This is the bike for you if you’re just driving on the open road.

Onward we move now to the Gladius. Now just take a second and think of that name. The boy is this one beast of a bike. The name says it all, it’s fast, its mean, and the most memorable part is that it is cheap hardware. This bike will run you just over $6,500 brand-new. Not bad for a bike with only the sickest styles and looks. This is definitely the female/male catcher right here folks. One look at this bad-boy and they’ll be hooked. V-Twin power is there for your liking and of course the exhaust to prove it. This is a sportbike for those who love to ride. So get out there and get one you single males/females.

Lastly, we stay calm with power and bring you the GZ250. This standard bike will bring you performance and quality for many, many years of riding. The look of a genuine motorcycle, this is definitely the bike for pretty much anyone with the riding ambition. A great starter one at that as well, featuring great stability and comfort for all those that ride. A classic in every sense of the word, this is definitely the smooth rider for you. Just sit back and let your bike take you over. The Gladius is top-performance when it comes to smooth sailing on a bike. Take the chance with this nice bike, at a suggested retail of $4,000 it is a price that is almost impossible to compete with on the market.

Kris is our in-house writer with a lot of experience under her belt. She loves to provide her insight about the market trends and her predictions about market trends are often on point.