Tis the Season for Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear (or otitis externa if you want to be scientific) is an infection of the outer ear. Usually children get this uncomfortable infection after spending much time in the ocean or pool. They can also get swimmer’s ear from a bathtub, but it is most commonly seen during summer months when swimming is at it’s highest. This article will discuss the symptoms, treatments, and ways you can prevent swimmers ear. In order to know about the infections, the person should be aware of What is adult swimming lessons. The swimming classes are providing the treatment of ear infection held in the lessons. 


The first symptom you child may experience is a little itching inside of the ear. That may quickly turn to severe pain. Usually, the pain worsens when the ear lobe is pulled. In some cases children can experience a clear liquid discharge coming from their ear. You child may also begin to complain that they are not hearing properly.


Seek Doctor’s attention immediately. The quicker you get drops for your child, the quicker they can heal. I have had swimmer’s ear numerous times as a child and it is extremely painful. The doctor will likely prescribe topical antibiotics eardrops. Floxin, Ciprodex, and Cipro HC are the most common of these antibiotics.

There is a home remedy, which consists of water and white vinegar. Mix the same amount of water with the same amount of vinegar and place a few drops in the affected ear twice per day. I would not go this route if you child has a severe ear infection.

For treatment of the pain you should use Advil or Tylenol. I prefer Advil and can attest it works twice as fast and lasts twice as long. It is important to me to make my child as comfortable as possible so she can heal faster.


Taking preventative measures is extremely important if you are the parent of a child who chronically gets these types of ear infections. The first and most obvious choice is to buy earplugs. This prevents the water from ever entering the ear canal. Making swimmers ear much more unlikely. If you cannot get your child to keep the earplugs in you should buy a solution that you can use in each ear after swimming. There is one-called Water Babies that I use frequently. This solution dries up any remaining water in the ear to prevent swimmers ear. There is a home remedy as well. You use equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Place a few drops of this solution in each ear after swimming or bathing.

One quick comment. You should always take your child to the pediatricians when you suspect swimmers ear because if your child has a middle ear infection they will require oral antibiotics. Middle ear infections can also lead to the bursting of the eardrum. Only your doctor can properly diagnosis this.

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