Things associated with Halloween and sneaky traditions to be honoured

Halloween is the most creative, expressive and at the same time spooky and petrifying festival, which is celebrated on 31st October. The festival is marked as the tradition of the spiritual Celtics, also known as the Samhain festival. The eve before Halloween is known as All Hallows’ Eve. The day is for remembering and honouring the martyr, the lost lives of the loved ones and the saints. The Celts believed that on the eve that the line between the living world and the dead became blurred and the ghosts of the dead came back to life. 

The eye-appalling and bewitching décor:

Halloween is the ideal festival to showcase innovative ideas in the creepiest and yet in the most artistic manner. People decorate their house and yards with spooky yet spectacular kinds of stuff. One can decorate the yards with rugged, crunchy leaves, place old rustic shoes in between the stack of leaves. Along with half racked tombstones, blood-curdling scarecrows, or half-broken yet unnerving skeletons. The interior is decorated with unsymmetrical, sticky spider webs, the silhouette of black cats or other ghostly creatures, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns hanging from the ceiling; scary Halloween quotes written on the wall, couches and sofas covered with a worn-out white cloth. 

Trick-O-Treat or Truck-O-Treating:

The tradition was borrowed from the Europeans where children and adults dress up in their favourite avatars such as Frankenstein, zombies, cartoon characters, ghosts, witches and go around the community or block asking for trick-o-treats like candy, chocolates, money in beautifully carved out pumpkins which is the creepiest and the cutest thing. The Trick here refers to threat and the treat refers to candy, the children will not perform any mischief on the owner or their house if the treat is not given. The festival is for pulling nerve-racking pranks, visiting haunted attractions, playing scary games, eating delicious traditional food, telling ghost stories, and watching horror films.

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