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The Truman Show : Get Ready for a Whole New Meaning of Life

I, as a Peter Weir fan, only recently saw this movie. Yesterday to be quite precise and honestly, I was stunned. Not only did I love this movie, but I I realized one thing: Jim Carrey should stop doing comedies. For 2 reasons actually: He’s a far better dramatic actor, and his movies turn out to be better. Somehow I only realized this yesterday. Even with his wide array of good dramatic films such as: Man on the Moon, the Majestic, and last but the best Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That’s not a huge repertoire of movies, but it’ll pass with Truman Show there. He has such a genuine talent in drama movies to make you feel a certain sympathy towards the protagonist from the audience. This awesome movie can be enjoyed on cartoon hd apk, along with several thousand other movies for free. You get high streaming speed so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without any interruption.

It is truly spectacular. But first for the plot of the movie so you can understand what I’m about to talk about. The plot is original but simple I would say. About a man set as a guinea pig with an audience around the world watching him live 24 hours a day. Everything in his life is a set up his wife, his first true love, and his father’s death. Everything in other words. That is until he finds out, and he tries to run away but they even make a world for him.

The television creators. So nowhere to go, he confronts the creator and leaves forever, unchained. Jim Carrey’s characters are so believable, and it truly is true when the people in the movie comment that they just turn on the television at night and watch him for comfort. It is true; he gives a sort of melancholy to the surrounding world as Truman. The reaction is pulled of well when he realizes his whole life had been taped. It is depressing though, but in a light sort of way. This movie is strange on many levels. It balances life and death, it throws away key elements of life and it combines it to become a sort of satire on real-life.

The outside cast is also well done with his true friend played by Emmerich and the fake wife by Laura Linney. They pull of everything well. The script is very touching and well thought out. The way the director makes this whole movie though is truly a sight. From the beginning to the end. With the director within struggling, everything portrayed to reality for television, but then it becomes deep irony that the reality becomes figments created for Truman. That’s what makes this movie truly great, not the superb script or acting.

OVERALL – A Great movie not to be missed or forgotten. One of Carrey’s finest performances in one of his finest movies. A good 8/10.

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