The Maine Hunter’s Education Program

The Maine Hunter’s Education Program is offered to hunters by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Completion of this program is mandatory for anyone, ten years of age or older, wishing to obtain a hunting license in the state of Maine. The only exceptions to this law are hunters who have successfully completed a hunter’s education program in another state and have a certificate to prove it or if they have a hunting license that was previously issued to them, or if the hunter is not required to have a hunting license due to them being exempt by being a resident landowner of Maine or the immediate family member of the landowner as long as they are hunting on their own land that they live on. Even if exempt from attending a hunting education program, it is a good program for every hunter to attend.

Hunters who need to attend a Maine Hunter’s Education Program should be aware that these courses are offered during the late summer or early fall, before hunting season begins and sometimes in the spring. There are no fees charged for the materials or for the instructor who conducts the course, but there may be a fee charged for location of the course. Hunters are required to pre-register for the course they wish to attend and hunting students attending these courses have to be at least 10 years old. Also, all students must provide their own survival kit while attending the program. The predators will use electronic coyote calls to catch the birds or animals. The reviews of the calls should be checked for the selection of the best one for seasonal hunt. 

Hunting students attending a Maine Hunter’s Education Program will have the opportunity to learn more than just gun safety. They will be exposed to other subjects such as hunter responsibility, map and compass reading, landowner relations, survival and first aid and of course, gun safety and hunting ethics. All these subjects are covered in at least a 12 hour time span and may last longer and take place through lectures, demonstrations, hands-on learning, homework and field work, ending with a final exam that the hunter must pass. The hunting student must attend all phases of the particular program they are registered with and pass the final exam in order to achieve their certificate of completion. These programs may be held during several afternoons, or may be held over a weekend. Usually these programs are conducted by volunteer instructors and are held in locations such as schools, civic groups, sporting clubs and other locations.

The Maine Hunter’s Education Program, which is a mandatory requirement for most Maine hunters, definitely offers its students more than just gun safety and has been proven to work as the statistics show a decline in hunting related accidents. Every hunter should take the time to attend at least one of these courses as they may be surprised at what they can learn from the program, even if they just attend with a junior hunter. What better way to spend a few hours with a kid than to attend a hunter education program then on to a lifetime of hunting.

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