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Telephone Directories 101 – How Telephone Directories came to be

It’s easy to spot telephone directories today. You can even see reliable reverse phone directories online by clicking on But before it have gained immense popularity and necessity, it have come a long way since 1800s first.

Here’s the History of Telephone Directories

The first telephone directory was launched on 21 February 1878 in New Haven, Connecticut. It’s a single cardboard which contains 50 entries of individuals and companies with telephones. Prior to that, city directories were used before the advent of telephones, wherein names and address of people are displayed.

On 15 January 1880, “The Telephone Company” published its first telephone directory which carries 248 entries. It doesn’t have phone number details yet, since people don’t use them upon making a call. Instead, the caller must provide the name of who to call, so the operator can connect the line.

Then in 1981, France have created the first electronic telephone directory in Minitel systems. USA have launched its first online telephone directories in 1996, which are the and Online people finding sites became a trend in 1999, such as the Today, electronic phone directories are everywhere, including your smartphone’s contact list or phonebook. Some sites and apps also offer online phone directory services.

With the rise of electronic phone directories, hard copies are slowly becoming obsolete. It have drawn criticisms because of its production impracticality, and its effect to the environment. Nonetheless, many companies still produce hard copies of telephone directories worldwide.

Together with the development of telephone directories, reverse phone lookup became popular too. It carries entries with contact numbers at the top, while showing names and addresses of owners underneath. It’s helpful in knowing an anonymous contact number.

Now, you already know how telephone directories came to be. The next thing you must do is to find a reliable online phone directory. Be sure to find one which offers legitimate information on each of its entries before making any calls.

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