Stop Online Gaming Addiction With These Tips

Recently, WHO declared addiction to games as an actual mental health condition. By definition, gaming addiction is described as a pattern of behaviors a person exhibits towards video games to a point where it supersedes priority of over other life interests and necessary personal things. With the steady rise of the gaming industry, the risk of individuals having gaming addiction grows as well.

Initially, it was thought that majority of individuals exhibiting symptoms of game addiction are younger persons, however it has been recently found that the problem can be observed among adults and older individuals as well. Regardless of the age, it’s important to address online rajaqq addiction and prevent it from becoming a bigger problem

Here are a few tips on stopping online gaming addiction:

Cold turkey doesn’t work

Unlike other addiction which relies on physiological changes in the body, online gaming addiction has a more psychological effect and stopping cold turkey can actually lead to a huge void in a gamer’s life. Gradual decrease in gaming time up to a tolerable point is the best way to overcome online gaming addiction.

Avoid owning different platforms and consoles

Having too many consoles and gaming devices, each with different games, will make you want to play them all which can take too much of your time, eventually leading to addiction. Eliminate all other consoles and stick to just one while trying to gradually reduce gaming time will help in managing online video game addiction.

Spend your money in something else

Online video games, though not quite expensive, will eventually take a significant chuck off your budget once the hours of gameplay become out of hand. Limiting your budget in games, or removing it altogether, can have a significant step in addressing online video game addiction.

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