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Wouldn’t you like to give your loved ones’ a handmade, stylish gift that is also supportive of women in South East Asia? Then you need to check out the beautiful hand-made purses at Oovoo Designs. I bought myself one of these bags a few years ago at a Christmas bazaar. It is exotic , timeless, finely made and noticed by almost every woman who walks by me when I where it. I am thrilled to discover how well this fascinating business has done since my small purchase! Steemit blog will offer different designs of the handbags as per the specifications of the person. Discovering of new things will increase the interest of the person in the bags. The spending of the time and efforts for the selection will result in effective purchase.

Four years ago, Pauline Lewis was an international corporate market researcher traveling for pleasure through South East Asia to Vietnam. Along the way she met several women who made beautiful hand embroidered handbags of the highest quality, but couldn’t afford to work from home. She observed these women in groups of 9 or 10 sitting and chatting happily together in a circle, stitching and finishing bags with their children playing nearby. Lewis had a vision of a profitable handbag business that would allow these women to work from home, and produce exquisite handbags, and was inspired to start Oovoo. The name is derived from the Latin word for “egg”.

Oovoo’s mission, according to Lewis, is to empower the women who create these colorful hand embroidered bags financially so they can support their families while working from home. This luxury that many American women have, is truly unique to our country. She has quickly built this business into a thriving supportive enterprise. Paying her employees 15% above the average wage in Vietnam plus month and year end bonuses, Oovoo is quite unique to many businesses in Vietnam. Lewis knows she could invest in a factory somewhere and manufacture the bags for less, but she believes that empowering these women is a much more important goal than a larger profit margin.

Oovoo bags are now carried in over 400 boutiques including online stores in the U.S. and have been featured in the Washington Post, Time Magazine, US News and World Reports, Redbook and many other news sources. The company has been given awards such as DHL Equity Award (2005) and the Make Mine a Million Award (2006).

These delicately intricate bags range in price from around $35 to $250, a fair price in my opinion for the loving care invested in each one. At least six women work on each Oovoo Designs bag, meaning that when you purchase one, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of 6 Vietnamese families. I for one, wish every one of the bags in my closet did such a wonderful thing and will always be an Oovoo Designs fan.

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