Gaming has become a very big sensation all over the world. What started out as a simple means to alleviate boredom has now become its very own culture. Game developers have produced games catering to different individuals’ tastes and preference, developing various genres of games for different gamers.Here are some of the most popular game genres right now:

Adventure games

Adventure games are some of the earliest games ever released, and is still quite popular with modern games. With this genre, players get to experience the story in the main character’s perspective, with options to influence the game through certain decisions in the plot. This is popular as it gives the player an immersive gaming experience. Giving the feeling that they belong to the world they’re playing.

Shooting games

This type of genre in gaming started to become popular during the late 90’s until now. Shooting games generally comes in 2 forms, third person or first person. Regardless of the gameplay, shooting games have been a staple at most e-sports events as this is one of the genres that require great skills and reflexes to come on top.

Online casual betting games

For the more casual gamers, online betting games is the genre of choice as these types of games require minimal focus and skill but reward potentials are great. Online betting portals for horse races, card games, and streaming bola have become quite common in a number of countries in Asia and other parts of the world.

Real-time strategy games

This is arguably the most popular genre in e-sports, especially in events held in Asia. In this type of games, focus, skills, and strategic knowledge is required to become competitive. Add to the familiarity of a player in each of any game’s elements, which can be complicated at times. This genre is often the most popular for hard-core gamers.

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