Most Anticipated Games For The Year 2019

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Top anticipated games for 2019

Here are the top anticipated games for the year 2019.

  1. The last of us part two is the first here. This game has already given you some Joel and Ellie moments, and it is also being said to be counted at the top.
  2. Then there is death stranding. In a world which is already in the ruin, this game will give you a new meaning to play. There are fantastic features of this game to be used.
  3. Doom eternal is a type of game which you will love to play if you are into action and role-playing series.
  4. Pokémon Sword and shield have already promised to break the chart records. This game is to be counted as the most anticipated game for the year 2019. And for the upcoming years as well.
  5. Then there is the borderlands 3. If you are into gut-punching action and soothing games, then this will wreck your heart since this game does the work for you.
  6. Dreams is another game which is already making a lot of noise too. If you are into simulation game, then this game will appeal to you.
  7. Sega mega drive mini is another racing game which comes with a lot of cars and action-paced villains against you. For this game to be at the top, you can have an excellent feel to it.
  8. Then there is the last one for their list called the Ghost of Tsushima. This game is so good that you will feel the chills to it.

These top games are the most antedated ones for the upcoming year.

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