Online Security

Keep Safe From Hackers- Protect Your Online Identity

We have come a long way from the olden times when everything was complicated and quite different from the way things have shaped up today. There is this inane thought process prevailing in the minds of various youngsters that time is running out and they have to get settled in life as quickly as possible.

Everyone wants to become successful and they are fully prepared to go to many lengths to achieve their ends by doing hard work and being dedicated to their craft by willing to put everything on the line.

This may seem quite amusing but younger folks workout for solutions for problems without realizing that it is right in front of them. They are quite rash in taking important decisions and end up losing whatever little they have at the moment.

When social media is at its peak and has a huge array of opportunities to make it big, we have the youth brigade running from pillar to post for government jobs when they can earn way more than they have bargained through this platform.

Internet Security

But hackers are in large numbers and hence many people are apprehensive of taking this path due to it being so dangerous and unpredictable so therefore, we are going to list out certain ways on what tactics hackers use to entrap you so as to be aware of their game plan

The points are as follows:


  • Phishing is the most foolproof way in which fake mails pose as authentic ones in order to steal confidential information regarding the company profile by tricking you into giving details
  • Be wary of malware, which is a software designed to leak information regarding available data so the process library needs to be secure
  • Never download mobile apps as they have certain codes that can install malware on your phone and siphon off personal and financial information
  • Smishing, a trick similar to phishing, is one which tricks its victims to reveal sensitive information via phone call or sms.


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