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How To Choose A VPS Hosting Provider- The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


WordPress is open-source software for content management. It is developed on PHP and MySQL. The key features include a template system and plugin architecture. Very popular among bloggers, it can also be used for other types of web content. To function in its entirety, it has to be hosted on a webserver to deploy the content.

Web hosting is an integral part of a successful website. But alas! This aspect is mostly ignored without realizing that choosing a good WordPress hosting company that fits your needs can improve both sales and SEO. There are several options to host WordPress. It includes Shared, VPS, Free, Managed, and Dedicated WordPress hosting. Read on further to decide how to choose a hosting platform.

Web servers

A good WordPress hosting company ensures that your websites’ plugins are regularly updated to ensure the smooth functioning of the site. A good server permits speed, effective uptime, and customer support. Given below is a list of a few popular hosting platforms-

  • Bluehost- fast and provides a free domain
  • Hostinger- cheap but very fast web hosting
  • InMotion Hosting- best for learners and beginners
  • SiteGround- best platform for both beginners and advanced users
  • DreamHost- offers several in-house tools


Before buying a server, look into its features like the speed, uptime, cost, response time, etc.

The response time should be around 300-500 milliseconds. Do not buy a server with a response time greater than this as it affects the utility of the website.


Ease of hosting is also crucial to the developer. Some servers do not support mobile hosting, and SSL certification has to be bought. The security of the hosting server plays a significant role too. If your website demands high-security content, then do not compromise on that aspect.

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