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Free Ways to Track Your Website Traffic Ranking

Website traffic ranking, this is most commonly known in online marketing, for online business owners, or even for online influencers. This is the ability to see the number of views that your websites reach. There are certain companies and apps who gather’s data to create ranking based on the number of population who visits your website or page it can be based annually, monthly, weekly, or even daily.

It is important to track the traffic on your website because large traffic means large income opportunity. If there is less website traffic then you might want to plot a different approach or design on your website to attract more visitors. Now, here are some website traffic trackers you can conveniently use.

  1. Google Analytics

This is one of the most popular and most commonly used trackers because Google Company offers the features of Google Analytics for free. Aside from that, this tool is very easy to use especially for new users who want to keep track of their website traffic. This uses some keyword research data to keep track of your website statistics. Though, one of its questionable cons is its accuracy.

  1. AWstats

This is also one of the most common trackers used for tracking your website’s traffic ranking. This software is already pre-installed in some web hosting providers. This is also easy to install if your provider doesn’t have it and it is also free of charge. But, of course there are some cons like its complicated interface which is said to be a “not-user friendly” interface.

There are far more trackers that you can use for tracking different website traffic but this is by far the most commonly used tracker that is free of any charge. It is best to try them first hand to really tell the difference between them.

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