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Facebook Ad Mistakes: 5 Tips on How Not to Create An Ad

Web marketers make countless mistakes when using Facebook Ads to promote their business’s new product or service.

I’ll take you through 5 major mistakes you DON’T want your company to be making. Facebook advertising is a very powerful marketing tool if done correctly. These tips will guide you to a greater click-through rate and overall page engagement. Your advertising budget will thank you as you Buy Instagram Views High Quality & Reliable here.

Tip #1) Don’t use an ad image with a majority of blue and white colors.

If you think about Facebook’s interface, immediately you visualize blue and white colors. Using an ad image with these colors won’t let your message stand out. If your logo consists of blue and white colors, consider placing a border around the ad image to keep it from blending in with the rest of the page (especially if your logo has a white background).

But, using your logo might not be the best idea, to begin with…

Tip #2) Don’t use your logo as an ad image if your brand is not well known.

Unless your Coca-Cola or Target, shy away from using your company’s logo to attract eyes to your page. Many marketers believe using the logo and name of the company is great for branding. This is true if you’re seeking to gain impressions to build brand awareness, rather than clicks.

Think about the premise of Facebook, users want to share photos of their friends and family, have fun, and interact with others. A logo isn’t interactive and probably won’t get your Facebook ad as many clicks as you had hoped for.

Most internet-savvy users are well aware of ads and try to avoid them at all costs. Unless you’re a well-known brand, a logo isn’t going to cut it for the average user. So, get creative and think about what type of image will really catch a user’s eye.

Have you ever clicked on a link and have been taken to somewhere totally unrelated? How much do you trust that brand now?

The same rules apply to Facebook advertising. Don’t use a phrase or image you think people will click on if it has nothing to do with your company’s product or service. If I click on “Top 10 Car Models For 2014”, I expect to be redirected to a page with just that, not your men’s shower gel product.

Manipulation isn’t your friend when running Facebook ads, it is only going to waste your time and money. However, let’s say you targeted that ad towards a young male demographic. Might they be interested in shower gel too? Yes, in fact, they might love to hear about your new, innovative product that allows up to 20 hours of fresh scent throughout the day. But, your likely to waste a lot of your ad budget on users who end up clicking the ‘Back’ button rather than the ‘Like’ button because your shower gel wasn’t what they were expecting.

Facebook is a great advertising platform to reach your target market using specific demographic information. Sure, you want everyone to know about your new product, but it is not a good idea to target everyone on Facebook. Get specific and start testing.

You’re going to want to create multiple ads using several combinations of keywords to target various demographics. Create an ad for a small demographic and try different ‘call to actions’ for each ad. Overtime, you’ll discover which ad is receiving the most leads and you can tweak the other ones accordingly. Having only one ad running, targeted to the general public, is going to hurt your reach, as well as your pocket, by attracting people who are not interested in your product or service.

This may seem like a no-brainer for most, but for some, it still needed to be said. If you end up having a successful ad campaign that drives a lot of new fans to your Facebook page, don’t forget to post regularly or you’ll end up losing out. Once someone has liked your page, you have a chance to promote your brand to this user every day.

Post valuable content that is fun and engaging. Many companies continuously post about their products and try to drive sales down their fans’ throats. This causes a large amount of fans to ‘Unlike’ their page. Remember the reason people use Facebook? It’s not to be sold to, but to have fun, connect, and relax! Of course, you can talk about your business, but the majority of the content on your Facebook page should not be about your business. Instead, post interesting content, find out what they thought about last night’s game, or see who knows what movie your favorite quote is from.

Another great idea is to give your fans behind the scenes look at your company’s daily operations to show that you are just real people too! Fans love to engage and interact with the brands they love. Take the time to build a relationship with your fans. This will lead to loyal customers, future sales, and fans recommending your business to their friends.

Kris is our in-house writer with a lot of experience under her belt. She loves to provide her insight about the market trends and her predictions about market trends are often on point.