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Building Contacts On Social Media

Making the Most of Your Social Media Connections

Social media is an excellent platform to build and enhance your professional connections. If you participate in any in-person networking activity, you probably understand the value of building professional relationships. You may have seen the “know – like – trust” dynamic play out effectively in your own businesses and you get how critical that is to your business growth. In-person networking is a great way to grow our sphere; social media has similar, but different elements. Here are some suggestions for making the most out of your connections on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Interact – Social media is not a one way street. Don’t make the mistake of regarding your platforms as a bulletin board just to promote your business. When you interact with people/businesses who have connected with you on these platforms, it reinforces the relationship you are cultivating. Another benefit to interacting is that your comments on their posts will be seen by the other people who like their page, which is greater exposure for you.

Join Groups – This is especially important on Linkedin, though Facebook groups are building some significance. Join groups related to your industry or where are target market is found. Post a blog or ask a pertinent question in these groups. You may be surprised by the response you get. Don’t use these groups to promote your products and services, but rather offer the members something of value, such as information and resources. This puts you in the position of being an industry expert and keeps you present in that community. Remember to engage in these groups by liking or commenting on what others post too. Social media is not all about you, much of the benefits come from the connections and interactions established and reinforced through these platforms.Answer Questions – Linkedin has a specific place to ask and answer questions.

This is a great way to connect with people who want the knowledge you possess and may even lead to new clients (more on this topic in future blogs on Linkedin)Seek People Out – When you meet other professionals at a networking function or through another contact, keep the connection alive by searching for them on social media sites.

You may want to start by looking for them on Linkedin, which is a really great place to connect with individuals in a business/professional capacity. find their businesses Facebook page, if so, like it from your business page. If you are very impressed with their company and want to like if from you personal page, it will give their business more exposure. I suggest you interact with their page from your business page, not your personal page, to keep the professional continuity. Don’t let too much time lapse between when you meet and seeking a connection on social media – you want them to remember you.

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