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Best Spots For Women To Wear Fragrances

Irrespective of your choice of perfumes, if your scent takes you through, it makes a statement. Apart from the fragrances, the quality of the perfume is also judged by their longevity. Not many people are aware of this, but how and where you wear your perfume affects their durability. To make the most out of your favorite scent, you need to know the best places wear them.

Right behind the Ear

When you spray your perfume, right at the back of your ear, the probability of it staying fresh throughout the day is one of the highest. If you have slight oily tips, never forget to give a spritz on that, because oil traps fragrance better than anything. Give it a try, and you will have favorite perfume accompanying for astonishingly longer durations.

Behind the knees 

It often happens with women when they wear a dress, and the fragrance around their lower half dies down. It is a very tricky affair to trap aroma in the lower body. But you have not tried spraying your favorite scent on the pulse point behind your knees. Maybe you have not tried enough. To make this trap more effective, spray the perfume while you lotion your legs.

Onto your wrists 

Wrists are probably one of the most popular spots where women love to spray their perfumes. But there is a catch there. More often than not, they end up doing it in the wrong manner. Because it is the tradition to rub perfume on the wrists, but the culture does not conform to science. When you rub it on your wrist, you end breaking the molecules of the fragrances. That’s the reason it never lasts. So, next time when you wear, leave it.

Apart from the above, there are a few other pulse points like the base of the throat and inner side of the elbow, which can do the trick for you.

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