A2hosting Vs Aiso.Net – Comparing Eco-Friendly Server Hosting Services

The general public is keenly aware of the constant damage being done to the planet. Nearly everyone is doing their part to stop and even reverse ecological destruction where ever and whenever possible. Businesses and companies wishing to place their goods and services online can do their part by researching and utilizing web hosting and dedicated options offered by hosting companies that showcase green or eco-friendly packages and servers. Two such web hosting companies are AISO.Net and A2Hosting. Fatality servers site is also an eco-friendly option for gamers today.


A2Hosting offers three different dedicated server plans to choose from – the Advantage, the Edge and the Premier. All three plans come with an excellent web site promotion package that includes $25 in credits to be used for Google AdWords and the same amount to be used for Yahoo’s PPC program. A free 30-day trial with SubmitNet SEO Software and a free 60-day trial with Constant Contact Email Marketing are also included within this web site promotion package.

The difference between the plans offered lays within the processor, memory, disk space and monthly data transfer amounts given. The Advantage plan comes with an Intel Dual-Core Pentium processor, 1 GB of RAM, 160 GB in total web space, and 1000 GB of allowed monthly data transfers. Double these amounts and hosting customers step up to the Edge plan – Quad-Core processor, 320 GB total in disk space, 2 GB of RAM and 2000 GB of data transfer. The final plan, the Premier, offers an Intel Dual XEON Quad-Core processor, 2 GB of RAM,4000 GB of data transfer amounts monthly and 500 GB of total disk space.

Each dedicated plan with A2Hosting comes with the company’s all-inclusive server management. cPanel 11 and WHM (Web Hosting Manager) are included with all accounts for free. A free Fantastico license is also offered allowing dedicated hosting customers the luxury of one-click installation of several dozens of programs designed to enhance and expand web sites. Some of these programs include Drupal, Joomla, osTicket, Zen Cart and more. If there is an upgrade needed for any of the core software, A2Hosting will implement the upgrade free of charge. Additionally, all servers are monitored twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – ensuring data is secure and always available online.

Pricing for the Advantage dedicated option is $199 a month with a $99 setup fee, the Edge is $299 a month with a $149 setup fee and the Premier is available for $399 a month and a $199 setup fee.

A2Hosting offsets its carbon footprint in three ways – by the purchase of carbon offsets, using environmentally friendly practices and ensuring overall energy reduction. The company purchases carbon offsets equal to the amount of their server emissions through Carbonfund. Company employees strive to ensure they use reusable office supplies, telecommute to work when possible and recycle all older equipment. To reduce the amount of energy used, A2Hosting uses low voltage Xeon processors (known for their energy efficient cooling design), DDR2 Memory which has a low power consumption and the company also employs power saving hard drives not only saving energy but ensuring faster system readiness for their hosting customers.


With five pre-configured dedicated hosting plans and one customizable dedicated hosting plan offered, AISO.Net gives potential customers a variety of options. A choice of either a Windows or Linux operating system is offered with each plan. The biggest differences with each dedicated hosting option is in the amount of space, data transfer and number of free server and/or file restorations allowed each month.

Starting with the EcoDedicated 1 plan, customers can expect 10 GB of web space, 200 GB of allowed monthly data transfers, 1 GB of RAM but no free restorations allowed. AISO.Net’sEcoDedicated 2 plan offers 15 GB of web space, 350 GB of monthly data transfers, 1 GB of RAM and 1 allowed monthly restoration. On the high end of configurations, the EcoDedicated 5 plan offers 125 GB of disk space, 1 TB of data transfer allowed monthly, 4 GB of RAM and 20 free restorations.

Each plan offers the ability to upgrade specific areas for a monthly fee – extra disk space, extra CPUs and extra RAM upgrades are all offered at reasonable monthly rates. All servers are loaded with Plesk/cPanel, are easily upgraded to the next level of dedicated server plans, and come with a DNS Zone Manager. For an extra $50 a month, customers can opt to incorporate multiple server load balancing and for $35 per month, an application level firewall can be put into place.

The EcoDedicated 1 plan will run a customer $150 per month, the EcoDedicated 2 is $199 per month, theEcoDedicated 3 is offered for $249 per month, the EcoDedicated 4 $350 per month and the EcoDedicated 5 is offered at $599 per month. All server plans come with a one time $200 setup fee.

AISO.Net was created to be an energy efficient web hosting company with a dedication to greener hosting. The company uses on-site solar panels to create the energy needed to run its data center and office. With 120 panels in place, AISO.Net is able to generate carbon free hosting and dedicated server plans to the public. If this wasn’t enough, the hosting company also utilizes mirrored tubes and windows to provide natural lighting for its center and office. The overall savings in greenhouse emissions with these two eco-friendly plans in action is over 35,000 pounds yearly.


Both hosting companies offer great dedicated server hosting deals at reasonable monthly rates. A2Hosting and AISO.Net are doing the right thing by reducing their carbon footprint. The setup fee for a dedicated server with AISO.Net is a bit high in comparison to A2Hosting but the trade-off is hosting with a company that can be considered as one of the rarer truly eco-friendly ones to be found.

Having a larger variety of plans to choose from and knowing the hosting company one is using is doing all they can to produce the smallest carbon footprint possible is more than enough reason to choose AISO.Net to showcase one’s business online in a completely green and ecologically friendly environment.

Kris is our in-house writer with a lot of experience under her belt. She loves to provide her insight about the market trends and her predictions about market trends are often on point.