7 Tips for Meeting Someone on the Train

If you’ve never seen the Missed Connections section on Craigslist, it’s a section where people post letters to those they didn’t have the chance (or the guts) to approach in a fleeting moment. That is just like using сайт за запознанство. Psychology Today’s Dorothy Gambrell compiled data from all these posts and it’s no surprise that in NYC, the most missed connections take place on the subway. This shouldn’t be the case! Whether you’re on a subway in NYC or sitting on a train in California, there’s no reason to let a potential wonderful partner slip through your fingers. It’s time to gather your courage and figure out how to make your move. Here are several ways you can meet someone on the train or subway so you don’t have to become someone with a missed connection.

Have a business card ready

Trains aren’t just going to wait at the stop because you want to put someone’s number in your phone. Keep a business card in your pocket so, should you start talking to an interesting guy, you can easily give him your number without all the hassle.

Make sure they’re not with a significant other

I’ve seen it happen numerous times – a guy will stand and give the woman he’s with the seat so she doesn’t have to stand. This means you have to evaluate the situation first to make sure the guy you’re checking out isn’t with someone sitting near him.

Move closer to the person if necessary

If the guy is near you, great, but if he isn’t, you can’t just hope that your charming smile is going to pull him closer. The guy may be just as nervous as you are or may not even be able to see you from where he’s standing or sitting. Move a little bit closer so the two of you can meet in the middle.

Ask a question

Asking questions is one of the best ways to get a conversation started. Is he holding a great book? Is he wearing a shirt emblazoned with the logo of a band you love? Use that to start a conversation with him and see where it goes.

Have a prop with you

If you want to increase your chances of attracting a guy on the subway, give him a reason to start up a conversation with you. Many people will listen to music, but skip that and opt for a book instead. It gives him a chance to chat you up and you can actually hear him since you won’t have your ears plugged up.

Give hints of interest

A guy likely won’t approach you if you don’t give him signs to do so. Glance his way, smile at him, and just put general signs of interest out there. You never know what could happen.

Make your move quickly

That good looking guy could step off the train at any moment, so it’s important to make your move as quickly as possible. You don’t want to stall, see him step off the train and end up regretting that you didn’t approach him sooner

Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back. Keep focusing on what could happen if things work out the way you want. You never know; your ideal mate could just be one train ride away.

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