5 Tips To Become Successful Basketball Defender

Should you be a good defender or focus more on your offense? Well, both offense and defense are important to help your team win a match. However, most of the players focus mostly on offense and the “defense” part is usually neglected. No matter how strong your offense is, you can’t help your team win the game if you can’t stop or defend the opponent. Thus, the post below offers some crucial tips that will boost your defense skills.

Weight on front of feet

Make sure to distribute the major part of body weight to ball of feet. Heels must stay in touch with ground and the body should bend slightly forward.

Avoid too much lean forward

But then, too much leaning forward is a strict no-no. If you somehow can’t control an excessive lean forward, just bring both hands over head since this will keep the torso upright and help to maintain firmness.

Keep feet pointed straight ahead

This is another important tip to remember here. Your feet must be pointed straight ahead. It will help to create a strong angle which will enable the player to assure more momentum against ground. The feet must be little wider compared to shoulder width.

Bent knees

Don’t keep your knees firm. The ideal thing to do here is to keep the knees flexible so that you can bend them easily. Point your knees forward and thrust the hip behind heels.

Knees inside feet

You must stand with knees inside feet as it will help the lower part of the body to explode at its best in just any direction.

It’s to note here that you need to develop a strategic thought process to improve your defense on the court. You may try out analytical and strategic games like dominoqq here to hone up your cognitive strength.

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