5 Most Common Myths About Car Insurance

Everyone is supposed to have it, yet no one really understands it. No, I am not talking about The Swine Flu silly. I am talking about car insurance-a part of our daily life that is about as pleasant to think about as a worldwide disease outbreak. So how much do you really know about car insurance and are your notions correct? Chances are they aren’t.

So before you have a huge accident and find that the coverage you have doesn’t protect you properly why not check out these five common myths about car insurance? It could save you both a bundle of cash and hours of trouble. Because just like Boy Scouts like to say it is always best to be prepared. Do Boy Scouts say that? I really have no idea. I threw rocks at Boy Scouts when I was a kid. But I do understand that it pays to prepare for the worst especially when it comes to car insurance.

No Fault Insurance Means I am Never at Fault in an Accident-Do you take everything literally? Just because you drive a “crossover” doesn’t mean you have to be a Christian and have a cross over your front door to own one. This just means that if whether or not you are at fault your insurance will pay to have your car fixed after an accident.

If I Drive a Red Car My Insurance Premiums Will Go Up-Car color is one of the few things that does not affect your insurance premium. What does affect your premium is the type of car you own (SUV, convertible, sedan etc), your credit history, age and driving record.

If My Friend is Driving My Car and Has an Accident His Insurance Will Cover it-Wrong, wrong, wrong! Your car, your insurance. Your friend’s insurance might cover any excess expense that your policy won’t pay for, however. So think twice before loaning a car to a friend. Or possible ex-friend.  For the insurance policies, correct information is provided at site. There should be checking over the official site to get the desired results. the amount of advantages are enormous to offer the benefits to the car owner. The expense over insurance companies is less when compared to the other policies. 

My Insurance Premium is All Paid Up So The New Car I Just Purchased is Covered Too-That is true up to a point as most insurance companies cover you for a set amount of time when you purchase a new car. But you have to notify them within a set amount of time that you are adding a new vehicle or you will be driving with no insurance. Check with your insurance provider before buying a new car.

I Am a Good Driver so I Don’t Need Car Insurance-First off, everyone thinks they are a good driver and most states now require that all driver’s have insurance. You may be the Mario Andretti of the Carpool Lane but that still doesn’t mean you can always avoid accidents. Don’t be stupid.

No Matter What Coverage I Buy I am Automatically Covered in Case of Theft, Flood, Fire or other Acts of God-While some collision packages cover some of these incidentals you really need comprehensive coverage to make sure you aren’t caught out when the unthinkable happens. Cars are destroyed every day in bizarre ways so you should always have some sort of comprehensive coverage.

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