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5 Different Types Of File Extensions And Their Use

There are many formats that are used to save documents. One such is PDF format. It is the portable document format that helps to change the one file format to another. The file extension used in PDF if the .pdf and this is preferred for most of the files. You can make the conversion by the web-based conversion program or can make it free online as well. There are many other formats as well that are used for different purposes.

Let us have a look at some of the file formats and their descriptions to understand them better:-

  • .PDF

The PDFs are the portable document formats that are platform independent and use the extension .PDF and it sends the formatted documents and exchanges these documents with others.

  • .JPG

.JPG is a file format that is mostly used to transfer the photos or the very small files that are photographs or videos. It is a format that losses the quality of the data when compressed, and this quality can never be recovered gain once transformed.

  • .GIF

This file format is used to store the graphical images, and the greater facility it provides is that it maintains the high quality of the images for the output.

  • .PNG

PNG is the Portable Network Graphics that is an alternative to the GIF file format. The PNG format is more influential than the GIF and provides the facility to change the image and make edits in the background.

  • .ZIP

This format contains the file in the reduced file size and is mainly used for data achieving. It provides the facility to transfer the files easily.

These are main aspects of the file extensions. There are many others too but those mentioned above are mostly used, and also you can check out where they are used.

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