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3 Best Angle Grinders Reviewed

You’re here because you need an angle grinder. And as much as you want to reuse your old one or have it fixed, the cost in doing so would be pricey. It’s better to purchase a new angle grinder than stick to you broken down old one.

Angle grinders are such a handy tool that you’d only invest in the very best ones. Below are 3 angle grinders coming from different makers and are reviewed so you’d know which ones to pick:

Bosch 1375A

Bosch is a big name in machinery that you know you’re in good hands when you’re using one of their products. They’ve proven themselves through time with many professionals using their machines. With all that being said, their 1375A 4-1/2″ angle grinder is a really good choice.

Their angle grinder is easy to use. It can cut material and grind them at ease. It has a 11000 no-load RPM coming from a 6.0-Amp motor. It can withstand light to heavy usage and its low vibration is a huge comfort to users.

Dewalt DWE402

This US brand is known for their long lasting quality. It can withstand heavy loads and is easy to work with. The dust ejection system is quite impressive. As a user, you won’t be hit by debris, grindings and dust particles while using this angle grinder.

What’s also important to note that Dewalt gives a 3 year warranty for their products as opposed to the rest that gives only a year so you know how much Dewalt really looks out for you.

Hitachi G12SR4

This compact angle grinder is light to the touch and light on the wallet. It’s an affordable tool by Hitachi that’s been a chosen angle grinder by many.

The G12SR4 is not as powerful though as compared to the Dewalt but it can still withstand heavy use. It gets warm a bit quickly but not too hot that you’d stop using it. There’s an anti-overheat function where the angle grinder will shut down if it reaches a certain heat point so you won’t burn the motor out.

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