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Can Soccer Gain Notoriety In America?

With the U.S. soccer team recently beating Spain in the Confederation Cup and losing narrowly to Brazil in the final round of the competition, many people are wondering if soccer can gain notoriety in the United States. It seems ironic that the number one sport in the world is viewed as a lower-level sport in a […]


Movie Comedy Bombs with All-Star Casts: Will ‘Movie 43’ Be the Last A-List Movie Party?

Ever since “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” released over 50 years ago, Hollywood has enjoyed occasionally recurring epic comedies with incredible A-list casts. How some of those have been made deserves a documentary, even if it seems far too many A-list actors enjoy at least one giant cinematic party. We also have to […]


Two for the Money With Al Pacino : One of the Worst Movies Ever Made

I avoided this picture when it came out in the theatres, against my better judgement. It seemed like a moive I’d really enjoy. I was recommended to watch the movie on il genio dello streaming even by my friends. I love football, enjoy occasionally gambling, and usually like any film starring the great Al Pacino. […]