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11 Best YouTube Channels for Web Developers

It’s astonishing how we turn to YouTube for every small thing. It has a plethora of channels on every subject that exists. If you’re looking to learn web development without investing any money, YouTube is your best option.

Here is a list of 11 Best YouTube Channels for Web Developers:

  • Coder’s Guide

This channel has a series of videos for each topic. For example, there are 19 videos on Javascript. You will learn in-depth with their videos.

  • DevTips

It focuses on both website development and design. It also has videos for beginners.

  • Code-Course

This channel is perfect for beginners. It has some really informative video on web development and design.

  • LearnCode-Academy

This channel is for those who want to take up web development as a career. Their videos teach some professional level of coding.

  • BradHussy

This channel has videos pertaining to CSS and PHP. It also teaches you to design your own website and earn some bucks as a freelancer.

  • LearnWebCode

Their videos are helpful to both web developers and designers. They are also pretty simple to understand.

  • Phpacademy

All those interested to learn php in depth, this channel is the perfect choice. Their videos are all about php coding.

  • WebDevMentors

This channel is a great place to learn beginner Python tutorials, beginner Java tutorials, and Bootstrap 3 tutorials.

  • CodeGeek

This channel is one-stop destination for news, tutorials and webinars related to web development and coding.

  • LevelUpTuts

This channel focuses on a diverse range of topics related to web design and development. Be it Javascript or WordPress, LevelUpTuts has it all.

  • TUTS+ Web Design

It offers videos on a wide range of web development topics, spanning all from beginners to the professional level.

If you have knowledge on web development and design, you can buy a monetized YouTube channel for yourself.

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