Wiggles Snap Card Game – Basic Guidelines

Card games are one of the most popular indoor activities for adults and children. They are highly versatile and accessible and provide entertainment value and opportunity for social interaction. You can even play card games online through online gaming services like BandarQ.

For kids in particular, card games are a fun means of entertainment. Certain card games also improve children’s focus and reflexes. One of the most popular card games for kids is the Wiggles Snap Card game. This card game is available in most toy stores or can be purchased online. This card game incorporates the basic rules of snap with creative twists and other features.

If you’re planning on getting your children this specific card game, then it’s best that you familiarize yourself on how it is played. Here are a few basic guidelines on playing Wiggles Snap card game:

Overview of the game

Wiggles Snap Card game is intended for 2 or more players. Each pack contains 36 creatively illustrated Wiggles card featuring a specific character. Much like the classic snap game, the goal of Wiggles Snap Card game is to be the last remaining player with cards after all the other players have used all of their cards up.

Mechanics of the game

The pack of cards are evenly dealt out among all the players face-down to form a stack. Each player will take turns removing a card from the top and putting it face-up in a separate stack in front of them for all the other players to see.

Once two identical cards are put face-up consecutively, a player must shout “Snap” as fast as possible. Whoever is the first player to shout “Snap” will then take the stack of the identical face-up cards and put them below his or her stack. The first player who collects all cards to his stack wins the game

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