What Sport Coaches Need To Know: Age Differences When Coaching Youth Football

People love good sports such as soccer or basketball, they spend tickets just to witness their favorite athletes play. Watching sports is how people want to spend their leisure time, the thrill and excitement that you can feel from watching. At a very young age, parents would motivate their kids to be involved in such recreational activities not only it’s good for the health but also it will discipline them to be productive thou there are age differences when it comes to coaching kids at a young age that’s why sport/football coaches should understand the age differences

  • Referring to Athletic performance; Kids that are between ages 5-6 have short attention span since they lack focus and easily get distracted by a lot of things and tend to be curious. They have poor body strength and easily get bored when training for a long period of time. Furthermore, they lack coordination as well such as the hands and eyes as a result they can’t throw accurately compared to older ages.

As for the disciplinary behavior; they are unable to behave properly and frequently be pulled out from the team.

  • Referring to Athletic performance; When the kids reach the age of 9 to 11, this is the age period wherein they are able to understand instructions and are able to learn fast on how to play the sports. Enjoys the training for a long period of time and with a decent accuracy but still considered as amateur players.

As for the disciplinary behavior; they are the same with the kids ages from 5 to 6 years old.

  • Referring to Athletic performance; since they are full grown and partly matured, they are usually called as teenagers that are ages from 17 to 18 years old. Most of them are capable of playing the sports, full focused, determination and great accuracy. Muscle strength is superb and has a tolerance when it comes to fatigues during games.

As for the disciplinary behavior; Because of their ability to play, they mostly show superiority towards younger players. Short-tempered when regards to losing and a lot more.

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