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Volume Design- Advertising Made Easy

We are living in the digital age where social media rules the roost, thereby putting print, electronic and every other form of media on the backburner although it still enjoys relatively strong relevance among the general folks.

The new millennium has brought many surprises for us with the social media revolution being the greatest of all that has made the world smaller than it was before.

Branding and Advertising have long since been a huge part in promoting products by many organizations so that it becomes visible to public eye but with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. available at your disposal, the job has become a lot easier, which brings us to today’s topic.

Illuminated Advertising

Volume Design is an extremely renowned company that deals with illuminated advertising also termed as Valgusreklaamid. It is defined as an advertising format where artificial lights are used for illuminating the product that can be done directly or by its reflection.

This allows the product to illuminate brightly like a shining star and attracts the attention of all the people in the vicinity, which can be done either continuously or at alternate intervals.

Volume Design completed its silver jubilee sometime back and has been manufacturing illuminated advertisements of numerous products that have helped them become household names all around.

While artificial lights were the norm of the day, they have been replaced by LED lights that might look a little expensive for some but eventually prove your money’s worth by having a long lasting impact on the products it is used.

The Estonia-based company has completed more than a thousand projects in the past 25 years with expertise in installing advertising solutions both indoors and outdoors.

Its popularity can be gauged by the fact that export markets in Scandinavia continue to give them lucrative contracts for advertisements and gradually led to most of Europe hiring them as time went on.

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