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Valentine’s Day Party Games For Six Year Old Kids

Six year old kids love parties, but birthday parties are not the only occasions to celebrate and have a good time. According to research, casino night helps provide students with a fun moment together. Hence, it is one of the considerations that you must be given importance for your kid’s happiness. Valentine’s Day is a fantastic reason to host a party, and it provides opportunities to enjoy fun games and other activities with friends. Try the following fun Valentine’s Day party games for six year old kids, and turn a few hours of entertainment into a real celebration.

Try These Fun and Exciting Chocolate Kiss Games

Almost everyone loves foil-wrapped chocolate kisses, especially six year old kids. This classic candy can be used in fun and exciting racing games. All that is required is three or four Hershey’s Kisses for every child at the Valentine’s Day party, a bowl, a chair, and a single teaspoon.

When the games begin, have the kids line up, and place a chair on the opposite side of the room. Place a bowl on the seat of the chair, and hand a spoon to the first child in line. Have the child balance a wrapped kiss on the spoon while carrying it to the bowl. This balancing act is more difficult than it would seem, and it is a challenge to six year old kids.

After dropping the Valentine’s Day kiss into the bowl, the child can either sit out or get back in line, depending on the number of wrapped candies made available to each of the Valentine’s Day party guests. Once all of the chocolate kisses are in the bowl, pass them out as tasty Valentine`s Day party treats. Since each of the kids will be given the same amount of candy, everyone is a winner in this fun and exciting Valentine’s Day party game especially for six year old kids.

Pin the Lips on the Happy Heart

Games of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey are fun, but give the poor donkey a rest. When looking for Valentine’s Day party games for six year old kids, play games of pin-the-lips-on-the-happy-heart instead. Make a large heart by folding and cutting construction paper along with a pair of eyes, a nose, and big happy smiles in different colors. Each child should receive lips of a different color to identify their game piece. Tape the heart to a wall and have fun playing this updated Valentine’s Day version of one of the most popular party games that six year old kids enjoy.

Blindfold the kids one by one, and guide them approximately five feet away from the happy heart. Place a piece of rolled tape on the back of each pair of construction paper lips, and have the first child try to stick the lips in the appropriate area. Six year old kids love this silly Valentine’s Day party game because more often than not, the lips end up on top of the head, upside down, and everywhere but the mouth area.

Pass the Chocolate Kiss

Hot potato is also one of the most popular games for a party, but raw potatoes do not fit the Valentine’s Day theme. Six year old kids love candy, and what better items to use for the games than tasty wrapped chocolates? The kids can eat the game pieces when the Valentine’s Day party games are over.

Begin by having the six year old kids sit on the floor in a large circle. The kids should be close enough to easily pass a piece of wrapped candy from one person to the next. When the games begin, start a favorite Valentine’s Day song, and have the kids pass a single piece of candy around and around. Randomly stop the music. Whoever is left holding the piece of candy is out of the game, but kids that are out of the game will not go away feeling like losers. They get to keep the piece of wrapped candy. When one child is left, the games are over, and all of the kids should have candy to enjoy at the Valentine’s Day party.

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