Tips to purchase flagpole that withstand any worse situation

Besides compliance with the flag format, the desired visibility of the flag is decisive in choosing the length of the Lipumastid. A particularly high pole makes it easy to recognize the flag even at greater distances. With a high shaft, you get the maximum effect on the passers-by. However, such a tall flagpole is not necessarily suitable for flags with several small designs in individual cases, as these can only be viewed poorly.

Consider the weather

The weather in the surrounding area is an important indicator for selecting the size of the flag bearer. Very high poles are more at risk than low poles in a storm. It is also important where you want your flag to be placed. The prevailing weather conditions are particularly important to us. This decides which forces of nature have a regular effect on the flag.

The right choice for your local conditions

Wind protected areas are often available, making a higher flag size possible. Flagpoles with a particularly noticeable height are often chosen by companies that want to be noticed from a distance. Smaller gardens and clubhouses are usually well recommended with a lower pole height. A flag raised too high would not be proportionate to the building.

The right size ratio of the flag to the flagpole

Often the question arises of the correct relationship between the dimensions of the pole and the flag that must be attached to it. There are still some recommended guidelines. The size of your flag will tell you which bracket is right for you. Of course, a small flag measuring 100 x 100 centimeters can easily be attached to a ten-meter high mast. 

The flag can develop the desired effect as a result little. The size of the flag relative to the height of the corresponding flagpole should be between one quarter and one fifth. If this requirement is met, your flag will be displayed to its fullest advantage.

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