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Tips from a Flight Attendant: Skin Care Rescue for Frequent Flyers

I know all women hate the word “wrinkles” and we all seem to be on the look out for the best anti-aging products, but it’s definitely a concern among many women who are frequent flyers. I talk to lots of women each week, who want to know what I use to keep my skin so youthful, especially after I tell them I have two teenagers. They voice their frustration over how dry their skin feels after a day of flying. And many of them don’t have the time to freshen up at the hotel, but yet have to look clean, fresh and yes, youthful. And I completely understand, since we have to appear this way every flight, we certainly don’t have time to reapply moisturizer in between each leg.

So I’ve compiled a list of some great products many flight attendants love and swear by for protecting their skin. Most are for the face but I’ve also added in our favorite hand and body lotions. And for those of you that are avid skiers, these are great for the dry, cold mountain air, as well.

  1. Bliss Spa’s Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, $52. It’s amazing how in five minutes your skin can go from dull and tired looking, to revived, energetic and glowing. It foams up, you rinse, tone and moisturize. It’s worth it, especially if you can’t get to one of their spas!
  2. DDF Intensive Hydration Mask, $30. I love this nourishing collagen mask and keep it in my travel bag. My skin always feels great after using it and it’s so simple to use since it’s more of a cream than any clay type masks. Twenty minutes and soft, hydrating skin appears.
  3. Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash, $30. Amazing stuff! I naturally have dry skin so when I came across their face wash I was a believer. They use pure Icelandic water in all their products, which definitely brings about results. For those of you who get hormonal breakout or stress breakouts, this works to purify and clean the skin. It also does a great job removing makeup.
  4. Korres Yellow Hibiscus Eye Serum, $38.50 Excellent eye serum for reducing puffiness and dark circles that seem to pop up after a long flight. It’s cool and refreshing and easily fits into your ziplock bag that’s now required by TSA. Also check out Korres for their eye cream in Evening Primrose. I pack this one in my travel bag and use it at night. $31.50
  5. Korres Yogurt Cream, $29.50 I have to say, this moisturizer is great for dehydrated skin. It feels decadent and instantly your skin feels pampered. I prefer this one in my travel bag for night, while I love the Korres Wild Rose Cream for day since it also has a bit of SPF. Both have natural ingredients and are mineral oil free.
  6. The Body Shop Body Butters, $17. Can’t say enough amazing things about the Mango body butter. It moisturizes, soothes and pampers dry skin. They also have other butters that are just as fantastic but I love the mango oil scent. And when you check it out, also try some of the Almond Oil Hand Cream. $16.
  7. Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter, $32. So wonderful. So moisturizing and it smells so refreshing and clean. Definitely a great combination after a long flight! If you use it daily it makes a huge difference in the look of your skin. They do have travel sizes in their kits, which are nice because then you can throw it in your ziplock carry on bag!

All of these products are also available at as well. And for those of you who are familiar with, they also carry the travel size Skyn Iceland products which are definitely perfect for dehydrated, tired skin and those always fun TSA security checkpoints. All this tips are really helpful for both normal and charter flights flight attendant. This industry develops with its customer relationships which is why a special attention is paid to their appearance as well. 

Kris is our in-house writer with a lot of experience under her belt. She loves to provide her insight about the market trends and her predictions about market trends are often on point.