Three bottom feeders you must have if you are thinking of having a freshwater tank 

Many people in the world are having a hobby of fish rasing. That is why they make up freshwater tanks either at their homes or land. There is a tip for all those who are making up their freshwater tank that they should always prefer some kind of bottom feeders as it is very important to maintain a proper environment in the tank.

Some of the top varieties of bottom feeder you can think about are:-

  • Galaxy Rasbora

The first breed that you should never miss is the Galaxy Rasbora. These are the bottom feeders whose actual requirement is 10 gallons of water. If you are thinking of an aquarium, then they are not suitable, but it is the best for freshwater tanks. The ideal temperature at which these fishes survive is 73-79 degrees F.

  • Synodontis Catfish 

The cynodonts have originated in the country of Africa and are nocturnal. They mostly live in the hide holes they form at the bottom of the tank and only come out for a cruise when they are hungry and want food. They maintain the environment properly as they are very peaceful, and the size can vary from 4 to 10 inches.

  • Plecos 

Plecos are a South American breed that has a body shape like the suckermouth catfish. The main reason why they should be added to the freshwater tank is that they feed upon the algae. It a major issue of the freshwater tanks that there is plenty of algae grown in the lower portion. When they are added; then they clean up all the algae, and they left out substrate to control the ph and the environment of the tank.

Adding these three categories to your tank is very important as it helps in the proper growth of other species that you add to the tank by providing them a proper environment.

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