The Use Of Custom Optical Filters For Lighting

Lighting is a major ingredient in producing captivating and appealing photographs. It is a very complex but vital element in photography. Understanding and utilizing its functions create astounding effects more than anything on the final image.

ECI custom optical coatings are significant devices commonly used in photography, prominent for its adjustable lighting capabilities. Through ranges of diverse wavelengths (also called colors), from long wavelengths, short wavelengths, to band-passes, optical filters, transmit, block or reflect light selectively. Optical filters are also used for technical and scientific work. In photography, optical filters are characterized by special effects and absorptive filters some times to add some color to stage lighting.  They are sold in large quantities and lower prices than other laboratory filters.

ECI custom optical filters are designed in various shapes and have great effects on producing good lighting.

Use of custom optical filters for lighting

The use of optical filters in lighting, ranges from the effects different filters produce in photography.

  • Absorptive filters are made from glass with components that suck up some wavelengths of light, emitting others. 
  • Monochromatic filters allow only a single series of wavelengths to pass through.
  • Band-pass filters are filters used not just in photography but also in the lighting works of theatres. These filters separate and reject frequencies underneath a particular set of wavelengths, permitting others. 
  • Ultraviolet filters help in reducing or blocking ultraviolet light rays, though invisible to the eyes causes a lot of hazardous effects in light balancing. For

photographers who tend to take photo-shoots at high altitudes or where there is a lot of UV light, they use the ultraviolet glass filters to protect camera lenses.

  • Long pass filters are regarded as edge filters. They tend to perform two functions: rejecting short wavelengths and transmitting long wavelengths. They are also used with the short pass filters to support custom optical filtering.


In a nutshell, ECI custom optical filters are very beneficial with the utilization of necessary skills and practice and are essential ingredients in creating fascinating pictures. 

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