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The Dangers of Social Media and Why I Quit

In an era engulfed into social media, being one of the only people you know not on any sites usually places me as the odd ball out. I sampled the major ones such as Myspace, and Facebook, as well as writing and dating sites. The first time I was ever introduced to the Internet, I was about 10 or 11 while at baby-sitters. Her idea of sitting was to stick me in front of the computer. I didn’t learn how to do research on school projects but how to use chat rooms! I immediately jumped to being 16 years old to attract attention, and my first lie worked, so I kept them coming while handing over pictures of girls I didn’t know. I used chat rooms constantly for years before social media sites, before my real trouble began.

Once Myspace hit I was already well versed in the way of the site but not yet smart enough to know any real danger. I spoke to all types of people across the net, including a man stationed in Japan. I was 14 at the time getting to know this army man in his 20’s who called him self Striker. Striker was from California, like myself, so I felt comfortable talking to him and didn’t lie like I normally would. We talked for months; first over instant messenger programs but it quickly led to phone calls. I was too flirty for my own pubescent good, and for a lonely military man’s own good.

My truly idiotic move was when he wanted to send me a package. I felt that I could trust this guy so I eagerly gave him my home address. A couple weeks passed as I awaited my package but nothing came. About a month later my sisters had a surprise, I opened my bedroom door to find my internet man standing there with package in tow. In complete disbelief I escorted the man out of my house as soon as possible and had never heard from him again. This is just one short story that I did not learn from. I continued my madness for years afterwards until it landed me a true-blooded stalker, finally teaching me to quit.

Although I know that my social media problems are self-inclined I must restrict myself continuously in fear I’ll ruin another relationship or possibly land on the coroners table. The hardest part about losing social media is you miss out on a lot of everything. Get together invitations are spread by status updates, births, events and life up comings are all on there, but not sent to the individual anymore. There is an addiction that follows with “following” people, an adrenaline rush every time someone comments one of your statuses pictures or shows you an ounce of attention. That everyday attention sought adrenaline drip may be gone, but I’m one of the only people I know who doesn’t have social media drama either, and I’ve got to say I’m happy for that.

The more you cut off social media from your lives, the better lifestyle you can hope to have what with the news of youngsters’ addiction to it and how many have committed suicide due to hackers stealing their personal information and bringing it out in public. However, there are still many people who are wary of it and don’t sell their integrity in order to buy instagram likes for all pictures.

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