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The Buenos Aires Night Clubs You Can’t Afford To Miss

If you’re in the country for pleasure, you’re probably looking for some excitement… but while the daytime has its perks, Buenos Aires night clubs offer a lot after dark than you won’t find while the sun is up. Buenos Aires night clubs are excellent for fans of music from techno to tango, and offer everything a clubber could desire. You’ll need to be prepared to stay up late! Buenos Aires night clubs don’t even really get started until two am or so. Fees for entrance will vary from five to eight dollars eqiuvalent, depending on the particular club’s rep, location, and the DJ of the night. If you’re planning on enjoying this kind of night life, be ready to spend a fair amount, as drinks can get pricey. If the variety of Buenos Aires night clubs is overwhelming to you, don’t worry! We’ll provide a quick list of some of the best notable hotspots for clubbing.

If you’re into the latest bleeding edge of electronic music, you should try out Pacha first thing. With a focus on the latest tunes with heavy bass, the most popular of the new DJs, and swanky lighting, Pacha is the archetypal ‘cool’ Buenos Aires night club. Even their web site is designed around the music and visuals, giving you a taste of what the actual establishment is like.

But maybe all that light and sound is too much for you. Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit lighter? In that case, give Sudaca a go. An ‘all you can drink’ policy on beverages makes wincing at prices less frequent, and the bands are live and predominantly acoustic in nature. Sudaca is one of those Buenos Aires night clubs that caters to people who want to relax with a ‘nice’ night out instead of worrying about being in on the trendy scene.

On the other hand, you could be interested in those Buenos Aires night clubs that offer something more exotic and adventurous. In that case, you can’t get quirkier than Club Niceto! Thursday nights are known as Club 69s, with fantastic costumes, cheerful debauchery, and rampant transvestitism. Don’t worry about standing out, either, as the place is quite popular with both middle-class locals and tourists. Despite the colorfulness of the proceedings, you can walk in with just jeans and a t-shirt. Club Niceto is one of those all too rare Buenos Aires night clubs that seems to open its arms up to embrace everyone.

For contrast, the last of the Buenos Aires night clubs we’ll suggest is La France. With no admittance for anyone under 25, and a sophisticated, chic atmosphere, La France sets itself apart from the crowd with style, elegance, and maturity. You’ll want to set foot in here if you’re interested in a less raucous, more controlled enjoyment of clubbing.

So, there you have it. Some of the best Buenos Aires night clubs around, and the surface has barely even been scratched. If you want to see more than that, get out there and explore! Sometimes the best of the Buenos Aires night clubs are found in the most random places.

Buenos Aires is one of the best cities that has nightclubs of different hues and varieties and one that everyone should visit again and again. What differs it from the ones in Lavelle Toronto is that they cater to the needs of not only youngsters, but even those who are there for social comforts and who are tired of their boring, monotonous lifestyle from home to office and office to home.

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