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The Best Queer and Lez Dj to follow on Instagram

Music is where your heart takes you, it connects you to people through body language such as dancing and it helps you relieve from negativity. The role of the DJs are connecting people in one area, understanding the flow of music to keep people from dancing for hours and just enjoy the night. It is always about the vibe around you and if suits you, you will feel the chills and the ecstatic feeling on how they have touch your body by just playing their music. Because of these amazing DJs they have manifested unity and liberty, and that’s what the audience want when they’re in the club. I would like to share some top Queer and Lez Djs to follow on Instagram.

  • Based on GOMAG Amber Valentine has given funky and get down music for several years and because of her talent people say she’s dope. In addition, GOMAG has specified that you can find her every MISSTER Wednesday at The Woods and with the participation of JD Samson to host PAT at Union Pool once in a month.
  • Next in line is DJ Leenata, listed as the Top 3 international Dj out of the top 100 Djs in China. From the source that I’ve found (DJJANE.COM) she is one of the most popular international Dj. Not only she’s a beautiful piece, she’s also a sound producer and vocalist. She have traveled to many countries with gigs like: Egypt, Malaysia, India, China, Moldova, Poland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Germany, France and many others.

  • If you want a positive vibe and free spirited energy this next DJ is for you, they call her Morgan Goodboy. She’s currently in Los Angeles spreading good vibes through her music and by her posts in Instagram as what people describe her as the friendliest, queer digger and enjoyable person you will ever meet.
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