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The Best Composite Decking Suppliers

Most people may not even be able to differentiate between composite wood and natural wood. Composite decking is naturally made from a combination of wood fiber and plastics which are processed to look a lot like wood. The plastic material used in its production improves its durability increasing its life-span. Additionally, it makes them stainless, withstand cracks and insects even in harsh weather conditions and not fade after a period of time. They do not absorb water as much as its wooden equivalent so they can be implemented around wet environments as people will not be scared of slipping.

Features of the Composite Decking Board

There are a couple of features of composite decking boards that you must not ignore when trying to get your home or building decked and we will list just three of them:

  • Quality:

This is a very important feature because the better the quality, the longer you are sure of using it. Ensure your choice is comfortable, fade-resistant, and durable. Composite decking is pretty expensive so you don’t want to replace one without using it for a long period of time.

  • Cost:

It’s good to manage your spending but don’t go for materials which are cheap but look inferior, or you may have to spend that amount of money again to replace. A good composite decking cost from $425 to $700 per a hundred square feet.

Best suppliers of the Composite Decking Board

This is becoming widely used in homes and it is also important for users to know there are original and counterfeit products. It is not just okay that it looks good but it must be strong, durable, have a long warranty, stainless or without scratch and splinter-free. We will suggest five of the best suppliers of this product that will help users make the best purchase.

  • TimberTech AZEK:

Their products have over 25-year warranty, which proves how confident they are about them. They are a company based in the US who make their products from solid PVC materials ensuring efficient and superior materials.

  • Trex:

Founded in 1996, this is one of the most widely used products as they are available in over 40 countries, make their products from raw materials (like shopping bags, plastic and wood). Their materials are rock-solid and they offer a warranty of 25 years.

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