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Surviving Norovirus Season – Stomach Bug

Norovirus season is upon us. Norovirus is responsible for the majority of acute stomach ailments. It is commonly known as the “stomach bug,” and it is avoidable.

I suffer from emetophobia. Emetophobia is the fifth most common phobia in the world and it is the fear of vomit and vomitting. I employ these “tips” in my everyday life to help my family avoid norovirus. As a mother of young children it is not always easy to keep the stomach bug completely out of our house, but when it does hit I am often able to contain it to just one member of our family.

First, norovirus is spread through the oral-fecal route. In order to develope norovirus you will need to ingest vomit or feces particles. It doesn’t take many and it is not as hard as you would think. Sadly, people are not able to take off of work, or stop there everyday lives when they are suffering from norovius. They still go to work, go grocery shopping, take their kids to school, and do everyday activities. It is out there and it is possible that you can pick it up.

So how do you go through norovirus season without getting struck. Follow these simple tips:

The number one defense against norovirus is handwashing. Was your hands for at least twenty seconds after going to the bathroom, changing a diaper, and before eating any food. When hand washing is not a viable option you will want to carry a product such as Germ-X or wet wipes that contain the ingredient benzalkonium chloride , which has been proven to kill norovirus.    Stay healthy. Please get enough sleep, eat well balanced meals, and make sure that your immune system is up to par. Take a daily multivitamin. A strong immune system is an excellent defense if not i n preventing norovirus then in lessening it’s effects if you are hit.    Take Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily bas is. Preferably a raw brand such as Braggs with the mother . I take one tables poon daily along with two tablesponns of water and sho ot it.

When your home is struck, you are not doomed. The key to this virus is to keep it contained. Wear a mask and rubber gloves when you are around anyone who is a ctively vomitting. Use bleach and Lysol around areas whe re that individual was ill so that you catch all vomit partic les. Make sure the affected party is given a buck et with a plastic bag so if they do not make it to the toilet it is easy to clean up and dispose. Wash effected sheets in the hottest water ava ilable, and run it through a second rinse cycle.    Use common sense. Do not go over a house if someone is suffering from a stomach bug.

If you do get norovirus it typically lasts between 12-72 hours . Take care of yourself. people have had some luck with emetrol, cola syrup, or even oil of oregano controlling the vomit ing aspect of this illness.

You will make it through this season, hopefully these tips will work and prevent noro virus from coming into your home. The person should buy megaigg2000 supplements from the reputed and trusted stores. The taking of the supplement should not exceed the prescription of the doctor. If there are any side-effects, then urgent consult should be made with experts.

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