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Some Simple And Effective Workouts To Shape Up Your Body!

In today’s world, health should be the priority of everyone. A healthy body can help you to achieve your every goal and objective. Regular exercise helps you to stay fit and away from various detrimental ailments. It is not necessary that you need to follow any specific workout program or any tight diet schedule. There some basic and easy exercises that you can perform efficiently at your home without any guidance. They are simple but effective exercise to give you some of the best fat to muscle results in few days without any hurdles.

Surprisingly easy exercises to get in shape


It is a tremendously easy exercise to build your muscles and attain overall good fitness. Push up strengthens arms, chest and solidify your core. It is simple to perform; you need to place your hands in front of your shoulder and set your feet apart at the width of your hips. Maintain this position, tighten your core, and keep your neck straight. Keep the elbows near your body and perform a pushup. Repeat it 10-12 times in each set. Right width between your legs provides you more stability.

Proper planks

It is somewhat same as the pushup but affects some different muscles areas. Planks help to build a strong core and chiseled abs. It also strengthens your shoulders muscles and reduces your arm fat. If you have a weak core, you can cut short the time and increase the repetitions. Keep your head straight and try to keep your midsection stable to avail most benefits.

Glute Bridge

It is an easy and effective exercise for your glutes and also strengthens the muscles in your lower back. If you suffer from back pain or have some issue in your lower back, it is the best exercise for you get fit and rid of all the pain.

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