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Skylander’s Giants Whirlwind Review – Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, & Nintendo 3DS

Gamers always looking for the next big thing have been pleasantly surprised by Activision’s Skylander’s Giants. This breath of fresh air has ignited millions of gamers that are now scrambling to get their hands on every Skylander they can. With so many to purchase it’s become very difficult to sift through the mediocre to find the gems. You can pick up a Skylander for between $8-$10 and the starter packs are bundled with three already.

If you find yourself unsure of what champions deserve your interest and commerce- your troubles are over! This time we’ll be taking a look at a Wind Skylander. Is the dragon-unicorn hybrid, Whirlwind, a good investment? League Accounts for Sale should be in the budget of the players. With the video game, a manual will be made available to the players to enjoy the games. The interest of the person will be increased with the gold coins and the rewards. 


The case of Whirlwind is a curious one. She can’t take a whole lot of damage and her attacks require more setup than most- much like Zap or Prism Break. With a projectile based moveset and a straight-up healer skill, Whirlwind is one of the few devoted support Skylanders. Among the female Skylanders, Whirlwind is the mid-ranged choice for gamers- set right between the two extremes of Hex and Stealth Elf.

Whirlwind’s projectile-based moveset performs best with hit  amp; run tactics. Her ‘Rainbow of Doom’ fires in an arc that makes it a little difficult to gauge in hectic battles. Offensively, her go-to move should be the Tempest Cloud. Whirlwind’s moveset utilizes a system of bouncing rainbows on clouds that is among the more difficult gameplay styles to master.

The reward is significant for doing so, but many will simply gravitate to more user-friendly Skylanders. Her healing ability, put simply, is invaluable to the cast in the fight against Kaos and Hektore. She’s especially useful in the 3DS version where her platforming skills are among the best.

The figure itself is equal parts charming and fierce. Rather than make her a cutesy unicorn with dragon wings, the developers decided to portray her as the feral hybrid one might imagine to exist in mythology. Her figure’s design is very unique- especially the scales/feathers and eyes. Her blue, white color scheme nicely represent both halves of her heritage. On a final appearance-based note, Whirlwind’s little beak is adorable.

Prism Break, Zap, and Whirlwind will always struggle with gamers due to their high-risk, high-reward styles. Those that effectively make use of their lengthy setup requirements will see impressive results that can turn the tide of battle. Obviously these three, while kindred spirits, don’t work well together. Whirlwind needs a melee specialist like Ignitor or Terrafin to cover her while she heals and attacks from a distance. As for her preferred upgrade path? Without a doubt, Tempest Dragon.

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