Know How Cardboard Boxes Came Into The World!

Cardboard boxes are a few of the most underrated things that have truly blessed us! Well, we all know how complicated it is to ship things globally and even locally, and when you don’t have any other alternative, a good cardboard box turns out to be your supporter. From holding the breakfast cereals to taking care of your fragile glass set, cardboard box manufacturers deliver their best services at the highly affordable and credible range. In fact, even the history of these boxes never received the due importance that they have deserved. But, here we bring out a brief of the same to keep you updated!

A little track on the global history of cardboard boxes!

The whole initial process dates back to an era where China, like its usual self, brought this amazing gift to earth. Around 3 to 4 thousand years ago, when the first and second century BC was rolling along, the Chinese people who belonged to the Han Dynasty used sheets of the treated mulberry trees and their barks to preserve and wrap the food products. As Chinese people are also credited with the invention of paper, there is no doubt that they have surely made huge efforts to bring out the exceptional results in the paper and cardboard industry.

After China showcased its brilliance, the paper, printing as well as cardboard industry gradually made its path within the west; all credits go to the Silk Road that allowed effective trade amongst the empires of China and Europe. Gradually, the whole journey of cardboard was a roller coaster thing, but at the end of the day, we all have it in our hands.

Cardboard boxes are definitely one of the most eco-friendly and credible products that need to be treated well, and so do the professional cardboard box manufacturers!

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