Just Dance for Wii is My Very Favorite Video Game

The Just Dance Wii Series

I have played video games now and then but never really saw any benefit in them until I happened across the Wii Just Dance Series of Video Games. Before that the only addiction I had about games were Bandarqq and more such games. I started out with Just Dance Summer Party and moved onto Just Dance 2. I have since purchased Just Dance for kids for when my grandkids are over although they really got a kick out of Just Dance Summer Party so it wasn’t necessary that I purchase the kids version, I just wanted to for variety and to see if it was something they would like even better.

The Best of All Worlds

The thing that I like about the Wii Just Dance games is that they are interactive, fun as well as being healthy because you get plenty of exercise while playing them. You can have dance competitions, duets and if you are alone, you can compete against the computer in Just Sweat.

Play At Your Own Pace

There are different levels and you can start out slow or jump right into a vigorous routine. I would suggest starting out at the lowest level and you can be advancing to the next level within the second week without hurting yourself. What is great about this is that it is fun so even though you a building up a sweat, getting exercise and losing weight, you are also having a lot of fun so you don’t even realize how much you have done until you finish each song and the program shows you your accomplishments and that you have met your daily goals.

Enjoying A Video Game Can Be Healthy

This Wii game is a clear example that you can enjoy a video game and it can be healthy. You can purchase new and used games at GameStop, and EBay if you think they are too pricey in the regular stores. When you can get them at these discounted prices you can absolutely try out several of them and just plain have a great time. You can invite friends over and have competition against one another and not worry about what snacks you might have eaten as you are burning the calories off while having a good time playing the game.

Learn Some New Dance Moves

Another thing that is really great about these games is that it actually teaches you some new dance moves. This will enable you to get in shape, learn some new dances so when you do go out clubbing, you will be able to keep up with the younger people and you will look great doing it with your dance moves in place and a toned body taking you there. I think every household should own at least one Just Dance Wii.

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