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Interior Commercial Painting Service

Our specialized and certified painting team also offers interior commercial painting services. Our team at Painters Orlando is honored to service Central Florida and the city of Orlando as well as our painter and decorator north London as there to help you if you are a resident of the UK. The company has been in business for 40 years and we are known as Orlando’s leading painting company. Our team of painters has a wealth of experience in painting commercial businesses.

Custom & Flat Paint Services

The services offered to businesses include custom design painting or flat painting. Custom painting is a service that consists of painting and adding artworks. Businesses such as restaurants use this type of service to decorate the interior of their establishment. The walls and ceilings can be designed according to the specifications and creative ideas of the client. Our paint team at Painters Orlando works closely with our clients to make certain every detail of the artwork is appropriate.

Preparing for a Job

Painters Orlando has a range of unique services provided to business owners. With a team of paint specialists, painters, and carpenters, our jobs are completed in a timely manner. We try to the best of our abilities to meet deadlines and provide quality services to our clients. The professional team of painting always ensures that all painting jobs first start by protecting the windows and office furniture. The furniture, floors, and carpet are covered with plastic to avoid any possible damage.

Our team hand washes the walls and ceilings to remove webs, dirt, and other particles. If repairs are required the area is primed before applying paint. Our painters use leading brand paints, such as Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Glidden, Behr, and other famous brands. Two coats are applied to the wall surface to give it an even smooth texture. We always keep you updated on the progress of your paint job until the job is completed.

Completion of Job

A supervising contractor is present to observe and assist the painters throughout the entire project. When the job is complete the crew cleans and replaces office furniture and fixtures. The supervisor contractor and the client observe the job to receive final approval. When the project is finalized a quote invoice is given to the client for payment. Painters Orlando requests for no down payments before providing services. Payments are due when invoices are issued to the customers and according to the client and contractor’s agreement. We only ask you to pay us when you are 110% satisfied with your paint job.

There are no complicated proposals or contractual agreements used to transact business. Our quotes are used to provide estimates and to list each service step by step. The quote is also used as a checklist to ensure the contractors have performed all tasks. The costs of services, materials, and labor are included in the quote.

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