Infintie Space – DS Game Review in brief! Check this out

If you have ever had a desire to leave home and take to the stars, Infinite Space gives you about an infinite reasons to go. Join Yuri, your average silver hair angst teen, who dreams of leaving the desert planet of Tato…I mean Ropesk to fulfill his destiny of going into space. Accompanied by Nia, your launcher(who strikingly looks like actress Gina Gershon) and a rag tag crew, recruited throughout the storyline and guild encounters, to help Yuri boldly go where no one has before. Yuri being no captain Picard, commands a star ship while allowing the player to customize the ships and crew assigned.

The games controls and actions are completely dictated by the often overlooked DS stylus pen. Text question and answer scenarios alongside beautiful graphics help set the stage to for Infinities plot. Button layouts make the point and click aspect of the game easy to transient from scene to scene. I wish it was that easy to jump planet to planet with the click of the stylus pen. Events unfold as you visit other space ports, taverns and locations on various other planets. Choices are promoted in some events from participating in bar fights to talking your way out of space battles, you set the pace.

Random encounters as you space travel with story based battles can be fun but very frustrating at times. Infinities combat is a tactical based system reminiscing those of childhood classics such as rock, paper, scissors and red light green light fused together. Power levels fill up on the side bar to assist players while carrying out battle actions. Though being color based they have their functions. Green (paper) means dodge, Yellow (scissors) means attack, Red (rock) means barrage or special attack. Enemy ships as seen on screen, also change to these colors simulating poker tells, but can still surprise you the point where you can easily be blasted out of space. Players must be mindful of their distance as they go back and forth to maintain fire range. A green line on top of the screen keeps players aware of distance away from the enemy. If players don’t pay attention to this when attacking you will miss, alot!, To the point of frustration while taking a pounding from the enemy.

Though frustrating, it is worth adding a couple grey hairs to your scalp to see the story through. The game gets easier as you add more ships and crew to your arsenal. Customizing is a fun process. Players can buy blueprints at the ship yard then modify their fleet in the mod mode. Mod mode is fun and simple you pick what you want for the ship and just you fit it in to it’s allocated spaces. As long as you have money you have options. Money is hard to come by in Infinite, however you can earn some by doing random jobs for bartenders, stealing cargo, engaging in space battles or discovering unknown location in the galaxy, earning you money and space cred.

If interplanetary travel and space battles are not enough to hook you, the soundtrack for Infinite is unreal. Music that fits the cold dangerous eerie darkness of space, add to the atmosphere projected by the story. The tavern theme combined with the dark gritty graphics really paint a true sci fi picture.

With so many DS games out there, not many of them stand out. With an original plot, holding so many twists it will make M Night Shyamalan want to take notes. Space pirates and the planetary governments pursing Yuri at ever turn. And a cast of characters you will find no where else and that’s the main climax obtained for the story line in poker qq online to make the game more and more interesting with a touch of thrills and adventure. Infinite Space is a game really worth checking out. If you are a sci fi enthusiast like myself, then do not miss the infinite possibility to travel to infinity and beyond.

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